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Autumn is the golden time for weddings. According to folk signs, it is at this time, and especially in September and November, that the most successful alliances are concluded – stable and based on mutual understanding.

Despite the rather melancholic mood that autumn brings into our lives, it is this time that pleases with excellent landscapes necessary for wedding photography, and generous gifts that can become part of pleasant gifts-compliments for your holiday guests. We will share with you ideas of autumn bonbonnieres, and you get inspired and bring to life!

Jam from autumn fruits

Edible, beautiful and autumnal: freshly brewed jam, pear or apple jam or jam is a great gift for guests of an autumn wedding. You can reflect the theme of your holiday in the packaging by equipping the jars with stylish stickers or tags with your initials, wedding date, or even better – with your own personal family recipe for making the sweets you are presenting!

gift jam photo

Herbal tea with dried fruit pieces

Autumn and tea are synonymous. A joke, of course, but there is a lot of truth in it! Tea is ideal as a gift for wedding guests in the fall. To tie in to the time of year, opt for natural herbal teas with pieces of dried fruit or berries.

herbal tea as a gift


Jars of honey are cute, tasty, healthy and especially important during the cold season. To make your guests recharge with vitamins, present to them at your wedding an unprecedentedly useful compliment gift – honey. As is the case with jam, a lot depends on the presentation – choose a beautiful packaging and decor.

gift honey for a wedding


During the rainy season, there is no better homemade idea for an evening than reading. A book as a gift for wedding guests is a very good idea. You can select books for each guest individually, sign them, explaining why you are advising this particular book. Another option is to pack the books and let guests blindly choose one copy or another. You can also give guests the opportunity to openly choose a book: the one that interests them.

books at wedding photos


Well, since we have touched on the topic of bad autumn weather, let’s talk about the most practical autumn gift for wedding guests. This is, of course, an umbrella! Ideally, if you order umbrellas in a batch – the same or in the same style, but in different colors. Before your guests leave your party, invite them to take your present with them – a small, compact umbrella.

umbrellas accessories wedding


We will continue the theme of home comfort and family with the warmest autumn gifts for guests. Plaid is something that will definitely come in handy for your friends and family in everyday life, on the road, on vacation. For couples you can give double blankets, for guests without a pair – one and a half.

throws and blankets at the wedding

Original socks

In recent years, manufacturers of socks in Ukraine unexpectedly delight with original designs and non-standard colors. Let the warm socks for the fall as a compliment to all guests will like! Choose interesting and creative models – surprise and delight your guests!

interesting socks wedding gifts


Since we talked about tea, it’s time to remember the cups too! A cup is a gift that does not require large expenditures, but at the same time it is an excellent field for creativity and imagination! You can order printing on cups, indicating the reason and the date on which the present was presented. A very original solution would be to organize a master class at a wedding and invite guests to paint a cup on their own!

cups as a wedding gift

Theater tickets

It was impossible not to include impressions and art in this list. Autumn is the opening time of the theatrical season, so we advise you to present your wedding guests with tickets to one of the premieres. Avid theatergoers will be delighted with such a presentation, and those who do not visit theaters very often will be able to catch up!

tickets coupons at the wedding

Natural cosmetic

You can show care and attention by giving a very useful gift for the fall – cosmetics for skin care. Give preference to natural brands that market protective and moisturizing hand creams. A gift at a time of winds and rains is uniquely relevant for both women and men.

cosmetics as a gift for the wedding

Autumn gifts for wedding guests are an opportunity to express gratitude to those who shared the happiness of an important day with you! Be sincere and give warmth!

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