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Choosing a bride’s dress, modern girls are faced with a choice not only of style and length, but also color. The classic standard of white wedding dress has ceased to be an unshakable rule, and colored wedding dresses surprise with their boldness and diversity. Let’s talk about which outfit to choose for a significant day – what shades exist and how to choose the right color for a wedding dress by skin type and appearance.

in the photo – Eva Lendel Dresses

What dress to choose for a wedding: the choice of color to match your skin tone

Most brides look for their wedding attire based on aesthetic preferences. However, having surrendered to the will of her own taste or blindly following fashion, absolutely every girl – regardless of her build – can get into trouble. Modern wedding dresses surprise with a variety of shades, so every bride who is going to get married should consider the color factor when choosing.

The color that you like in life and the shade of the wedding dress that suits you are often very different. But choosing the right color for the outfit, you will favorably emphasize your beauty! So, let’s try to compare the type of appearance and the most popular shades of the bride’s dress:

  • white – girls with light and olive skin (yellowish-greenish, as a rule, in this type of appearance the veins on the arms are clearly visible), the classic version of white is suitable. Of course, white can be safely considered universal. By virtue of traditions and beliefs, a white outfit seems beautiful on almost any bride. However, experts advise avoiding this color for too pale young, as well as overly dark or very tanned beauties. The combination of dark skin and white creates too much contrast, which looks imperfect.

White wedding dress photo in the photo – Milla Nova collections

  • champagne – perhaps unexpectedly, but it is champagne-colored dresses that are versatile and suitable for any skin tone. Champagne successfully emphasizes natural beauty, whether you are pale or dark.

Champagne Bridesmaid Dress Photopictured on the right – Berta Bridal

  • ivory dress – another versatile shade. Noble ivory is a real salvation for very pale beauties and a great tool for highlighting a luxurious tan or natural dark skin.

Ivory dress for wedding photo

  • pink – in order for the outfit to remain a wedding dress, and not give the impression of an ordinary evening look, a pink shade should be chosen by fair-haired girls with fair skin, not prone to redness.

Pink wedding dress photo

  • blue bride dress – has gained immense popularity among girls looking for an unusual wedding dress. Blue is good in combination with fair skin: very pale beauties should choose a shade that is bright and saturated, and gentle options are suitable for girls with warmer skin tones.

Blue, light blue wedding dress photo

Wedding dress colors: pastel palette

The desire of modern brides to follow fashion is understandable. On the Internet, the wedding theme is illustrated by amazing examples of foreign newlyweds, where young people wear bold and original outfits – both in style and in shade. The good news for all beauties planning to get married in 2021-2022 is that one of the fashionable wedding trends in 2021 is a pastel palette in design and looks.

What pastel shades are successfully reflected in wedding fashion? It’s time to find out and choose something creative for yourself!

Powdery wedding dress

Perhaps the most popular non-standard shade from the pastel palette, which has held the leadership for more than a year, is powder. And although it would be correct to believe that the concept of “powder” combines several very different tones at once – this is beige, pink and yellowish, nevertheless, in wedding fashion, powder means dusty rose and dirty pink. The powdery outfit is perfect for young brides, blondes, fair-haired and brown-haired women.

Wedding dress powder, dusty rose photo

Powdery, nude bride dress photoIn the photo – Ange Etoiles Wedding Dress


Beige is the main representative of the nude palette fashionable in recent years. The noble and charming beige makes the look elegant, and is great for brides with almost any type of appearance. Given that many of the previous options were suitable for light-skinned youngsters, we would recommend paying attention to beige for brunettes.

Beige wedding dress photopictured – Naviblue Bridal, Elihav Sasson, Berta

Milk Wedding Dress

An exquisite and sophisticated shade for the bride’s dress is milky. It is formed by a splash of warm yellow in classic white. However, this yellowness is barely perceptible – milky is much lighter than ivory and, moreover, champagne. Perfect for fair-haired beauties, brown-haired women, red-haired and brunettes. Indispensable in retro and vintage looks.

Milky wedding dress photo pictured – Ange Etoiles


An extraordinary and interesting shade of a wedding dress is mint. It should be used in a wedding dress for girls with warm skin tone. Too pale skin can look painful against the background of mint, however, other factors should be taken into account: for example, for a pale-skinned blonde, light mint is not the best option, but for an aristocratic pale brown-haired woman – an original and stylish solution.

Mint dress for a wedding photoin the photo on the right – Rara Avis Dress


In the context of a pastel palette, we will, of course, talk about a delicate lilac. Light and slightly dark skin goes well with pale lilac, but brides with an earthy olive tone should beware of purple palette – both bright and delicate. The lilac bride look is the perfect creative solution for hair colors, including red and blond!

Lilac bride dress photo in the photo – Anna Sposa (bottom right), Ange Etoiles (middle)

Peach wedding dresses

Fashionable, youthful shade, perfectly realized in wedding fashion – peach. It will be the perfect choice for girls with a warm skin tone – swarthy, dark-skinned, tanned. Bright and juicy, pale and delicate – in any of its manifestations peach pleases the eye! Often, this outfit is complemented by white or milk lace.

Peach wedding dress photo

Peach bride dress photo

Wedding dress color: most unusual colors

Creative and bold brides do not stop at pastel and nude palettes, moving away from the usual white. So completely unthinkable, at first glance, shades burst into wedding fashion. But time passes, and we are already getting used to such extreme solutions. What unusual colors have brides’ heads turned? Take a look, maybe there is an option for you too!


Recently, one of the most fashionable non-standard colors for a wedding is green. Although, few brides decide on bright colors, preferring the more noble emerald. Such a bride’s outfit can be a real boon for a pale redhead or brown-haired woman.

Green wedding dress for the bride photo

Emerald wedding dress photo

Red wedding dress

Red is traditional for wedding dress in China and Vietnam. But extravagant European youths also opt for a passionate and hot red. It looks great in fluffy cuts with a deep neckline. Red is especially good for swarthy girls with dark hair, but almost any young woman can choose it for herself – if only she has the courage!

Red wedding dress photo in the photo – ARIAMO (left), TARIK EDIZ (right)

Black wedding dress

Well, and for very unusual beauties there is black. You shouldn’t associate it with mourning and sadness, because everything depends on culture, stereotypes and perception. Black – on a par with white and red – is classic, therefore it is quite suitable for an extraordinary “wedding on the contrary” – when the groom appears in white, and his chosen one – in black. In addition, there are not at all gloomy images – when black is used as an ombre or a shade for lace and other decorations.

Black wedding dress photo pictured – Pollardi wedding dresses (middle)

Feel free to amaze and make your dreams come true with color. Let your look be stylish and charming, and most importantly – let it suit you!

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