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The decoration, serving of dishes at a wedding plays no less important role than the taste of the treats. Food that looks good is a pleasure to eat. If at your wedding you want to impress your guests and surprise them not only with a variety of dishes, but also with their aesthetic presentation, it is a good idea to order a table decoration using carving. And what is carving – we will now tell and show.

The art of carving: history and modernity

Carving (from the English “to carve” – ​​cut) is the art of artistic cutting of fruits and vegetables. It originated in Asia in the 13-14 century. The reason for the emergence and spread of carving was the fact that in the East, basically, all the most consumed food was of plant origin. The simple and ordinary cutting was replaced by the exquisite one – “kesalak”. So the craftswomen (and these were almost always women in those ancient times) created figures of birds and animals from vegetables and fruits.

In Europe, carving was not taken as seriously as in Japan and Thailand, where there are special carving courses, and cutting for vegetables and fruits is taught from a very young age. However, European decorators recognized the possibilities of herbal products, and today, artistic cutting often decorates tables at banquets. Carving for a wedding is not only a decor, but also an entertainment option for guests. You can order carving services, or you can invite a specialist to conduct a carving master class at a wedding.

What products to choose for carving?

For carving for a wedding, you can use any herbal products. Vegetable carving will serve as a decoration for the wedding table. For him it is worth picking up cucumbers, carrots, eggplants, zucchini, large and beautiful bell peppers, beets, pumpkin, large radishes, hard tomatoes. Fruit carving is not only a decor, but also an important addition to a sweet table. Artistic cutting for a wedding on fruits will look great. The best berries and fruits for carving are watermelon, apples, pineapple, hard kiwi, strawberries, melon.

fruit fish photography

Fruits and vegetables for wedding carving should be chosen that are not too ripe, but have already reached the correct color. Pay attention to the appearance of the product: fruits should be free of dents and impact marks, vegetables should be as even and smooth as possible.

Carving knives

If you are interested in the art of carving for a wedding, and you want to try to learn how to make real masterpieces from fruits and vegetables, you will need special tools – carving knives. They can be purchased online without any problems. A carving knife should be comfortable, which means not too large, very sharp and light. If you decide to get serious about artistic cutting of fruits and vegetables, it is better to purchase a set of carving knives. In such a set there are devices with different blades, which will allow you to beautifully process any product.

carving for watermelon fluo

Decorating a wedding banquet using carving

Carving for a wedding is a wonderful opportunity to surprise guests, because so far artistic cutting of fruits and vegetables in Ukraine is not an ordinary art. We bring to your attention ideas and photos of carving.

Original fruit cuts

Wedding carving is not necessarily complex shapes and designs. Fruit slices for a sweet table will look luxurious and neat with simple techniques.

Geometric shapes

The table design looks beautiful and stylish using geometric carving, when colorful shapes are created from products – balls, pyramids, etc.

geometric carving photo

Carving in the form of flowers

A very popular topic for artistic cutting for fruits and vegetables is flowers. This design option for fruit slices is a win-win, as it is suitable for any wedding theme.

fruit carving

Heart-shaped fruit slices

A romantic and beautiful idea – hearts made of fruits and vegetables. Such cuts are popular among newlyweds and look beautiful on buffet tables.

heart-shaped fruit slices

Bird shaped carving

You should be careful with the topic of animals, as not all animals made from fruits and vegetables will look appetizing. The bird cut is a welcome exception.

bird carving

Carving is beautiful and sophisticated when a professional works on the creation of compositions. Choose a good art cutter and your banquet will be decorated with original edible decor!

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