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An exit ceremony, like an evening ceremony, is the most romantic stage of a wedding celebration. More and more couples decide not to confine themselves to the official painting in the registry office and to hold a touching and beautiful wedding during the main celebration. Decor plays an important role in such a ceremony, and the main one is the wedding arch.

For many couples, ordering a wedding arch is a significant and often unwanted expense. We will try to give you as much information and recommendations as possible to make an arch for ceremonies with your own hands. For those who do not have time for creativity, our material will serve as inspiration and help in choosing the desired shape and decor of a custom-made wedding arch.

How to make a wedding arch?

Do-it-yourself wedding arches are real. This will allow you to save on its design, because armed with knowledge, you can decorate the arch no worse than florists and designers.

The main part of the ceremonial arch is the frame. Actually, it is he who is the most expensive part of this decorative element. If you are interested in forged arches for a wedding, metal or metal-plastic products, it is easier to purchase a ready-made frame or make it to order. The best material for the frame of a wedding arch with your own hands is wood. Once you’ve prepared your wood planks, you can combine them into different stylish designs. It is about them that it is high time to talk.

Forms of wedding arches

It is very important to maintain the design of the wedding arch in the general style of the celebration. Form plays an important role in this. Let’s decide what forms are and what will suit your holiday.

  • Classic wedding arches This group includes the most popular – an arch for ceremonies in the shape of a horseshoe, in the shape of the letter “P”, a quadrangular structure;

classic wedding arches

  • Geometric arches – geometry in wedding decor remains a real world trend, so original round, oval, triangular arches, as well as polygons – will look very stylish and original in the area of ​​your exit ceremony;

geometric wedding arch

  • Unusual shapes for a wedding arch. This includes non-standard wedding arches – an arch with door leaves, a suite (consisting of several repeating structures – in fact, forming a corridor), fabric arches, a tree branch or several trees that grow side by side and are decorated as a place for a wedding ceremony.

unusual arches for wedding

Wedding arch decor for ceremony

If you have already decided on the shape of the future frame, it’s time to think about the decor. We will analyze the most popular wedding arch design options and original ones that will make your ceremony special and bright.

  • wedding arch made of fresh flowers – the most gentle and popular option among the spouses. It is easy to choose flowers that will decorate the design: buy the same ones as for the compositions on banquet tables, and if you don’t make them, then such as in the bride’s bouquet. You can experiment with color or shades;

  • branch arch – if you are planning an outdoor wedding, a rustic celebration, a country wedding, such a simple decor will be very useful;

  • arch for ceremonies made of fabric – to drape designs with fabric, in particular tulle, is also a very popular trend. This option looks festive and inexpensive;

paper flowers and light bulbs on the arch

  • arch with LED garland – small light bulbs or battery operated flashlights let you make a beautiful sight anywhere. This decor is best suited for evening ceremonies;

  • arches with pompoms – an interesting cozy idea that can be used if the style of the wedding allows;

  • arches with hanging decor – hanging plants, ribbons, garlands – another wedding trend. If there is room to secure the hanging structure, be sure to try this option;

  • arches with paper decor – a good idea for those who want to create their own wedding arch decor. In stores with materials for creativity, there is paper of a suitable density, and on the network there are master classes on creating flower arrangements and other paper crafts;

  • themed decor for the arch – fruit wedding – use fruit, travel style wedding – postcards, cards, photos, etc.

flowers arch decoration

Unleash your imagination and everything will work out. If there is no inspiration to make decor for the ceremony with your own hands, take a wedding arch for rent or order the manufacture of a product according to a unique design.

Let your ceremony be exquisite, unusual and romantic!

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