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Dnipro-Kіrovograd fined for obrabodnenny r_chok for 1 million hryvnia

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Dnipro-Kіrovograd fined for obrabodnenny r_chok for 1 million hryvnia

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“Dnipro-Kirovograd” is fined for getting a bad bargain, including Beshka and Ingulets for 1 million hryvnias.

For the results of the planned re-inspection of the environmental protection legislation, the regional communal virology and the Dniepro-Kirovograd main type of sanitation, water purification and purification of water are located in the following areas: Kropyvnytschyonkyodniykyodniykyodniykyod'kyodniyod'kyan'kyodniyod'kyan'kyodniyod'kyans'kyodniyod'kyans'kyodniyod'kyanskyi -canalization of state thanks (VKG) for the benefit of the lack of cleaned beasts at the river Ingul, Znam'yansky VKG – at the river Ingulets, Marto-Ivanivsky canal and clear spores (To OS) Oleksandriy VKG – at the river Ingulets, Smolinsky VKG – at the river Kilten, Semenivsky KOS Oleksandry VKG – at the river Beshka, which has violated article 40 of Article 44 of the Law of Ukraine, 44 , information form of official web portal of the State Ecological Inspectorate in Kirovograd Oblast.

For the enforcement of the law of nature protection legislation by the sovereign inspectors for the protection of the local natural resources of the Kirovograd region, the special needs of the Dnipro-Kirovograd OKVP have been attracted to administrative insurance. Also, there are claims and claims regarding the sale of water, the status of the third country, the Ingul, Ingulets, Kilten, Beska skids with insufficiently cleaned beast waters. The sum of zbitkiv piled up UAH 1,027,988.67. A claim has been submitted to this company for voluntary voluntary registration.

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