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For zupinka car water beating the police

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For zupinka car water beating the police

in Suspension

7 sickle about 13:04 to the chastovo part of the Olexandrіysky vіddіlu polіtsії nadіyshlo povіdomlennya about beating the polіtseyskogo. About the journalist hour at a briefing, the head of the department is Volodimir Khvostov.

The inspector to the platoon of the first squadron of another battalion of the patrol police in the area, on the 34 km route, zupiniv water in ZIL automobiles, transporting the metal road, on the road to the 36-river baggage complex of Oleksandr. If the police stopped the water, the one in the rough form had to press the documents, and the one in the vul. Heroes of Stalingrad in direct contact with OKKO gas station.

The police officers violated him and made up for him suddenly – at the entrance to the gas station with a whip blocking the car. Bulo zdіsіnno primusov come in water – on a new nadili kaydanka, proteome you were given the chance to quickly know them on their own. Vodі nanis polіtseyskomu two blows in the guise. At one hour the squad of water, who was following the ZIL, exclaimed the “command of the command”. Two young men arrived on the misc. They also felt like repairing the police.

The result of two people – the water and that of the known – the bulo is obscured, and on the next day, both the bulo is obscured about pidozra. And even on the 9th sickle, the court took a look at the miraculous entrance: water – home warning at the time of finishing, and yogi knowing it – an outpost of 38 thousand hryvnias. At the Danish hour trivial slіdchi dії. On the right is located on the control in the regional administration.


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