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Sweets and wedding – two inseparable concepts. The main delicacy of the holiday – cake – symbolizes the beginning of a new, sweet life for lovers. But if traditionally, many centuries ago, wheat bread played the role of the main baking of the wedding celebration, in our time the tables are literally bursting with a variety of sweets.

Unfortunately, many guests, having tasted various appetizers and main courses, cannot fully enjoy the dessert. We know a great way to prolong the pleasure of wedding treats and still give everyone an opportunity to taste the sweets from your holiday. Present them as a gift – wedding bonbonnieres.

Classic wedding candy boxes

Preparing gifts for guests at a wedding is a fairly long and popular custom. In this way, the newlyweds thank the guests for their support, presence and attention on an important day for them. A traditional bonbonniere is a box or bag of almonds. Special sweets for bonbonnieres are symbolic and always relevant. If desired, along with sweets, you can give guests something else original as a keepsake.

almond candies for wedding photos

Macarons – the most fashionable wedding cakes

French dessert, pasta meringue cookies – the real king of the modern sweet table. Multi-colored, with a pattern, decor – there are many options for decorating a light dessert made from almond flour. If you decide to put macarons in the bonbonniere, order them in the color and style of your wedding. Skilled pastry chefs will be able to put a pattern on the cookies, your initials. You can also time a sweet present to the date with the help of beautiful packaging.

Why macarons? These French cookies are delicious and trendy. It looks beautiful and does not lend itself to the influence of temperatures as, for example, baked goods with cream. This means that your guests will be able to bring it home and will not be afraid to try it.

macarons cookies as a gift photo

Chocolate is a win-win option for a gift to guests

Of course, there are fashion trends in the confectionery business, but some treats are always in trend. The main one is undoubtedly chocolate. Present your wedding guests with tiles of this delicacy, taking care of the beautiful packaging. Alternatively, the wrapper can have your photo, initials, the names of the guests to whom the dessert is intended, etc. Remember the theme of your holiday and the palette of primary colors: they should also be used in the design of special packaging.

Of course, the classic bar is not the only option for a chocolate gift. You can order sweet figurines, cards, sweets with wishes or predictions.

assorted chocolate gifts

Why chocolate? Most people love this sweetness, so traditional chocolate is the surest way to please almost every guest. The only thing to consider is the weather conditions. In the midst of a hot summer, without proper packaging and storage conditions, products can “float”.

Hand made confectionery

Cookies, pie, sweets that you have prepared yourself are a very sincere and pleasant gift for those invited. Perhaps you will make your own or a family recipe. It’s a good idea to add your own recipe to the bonbonniere with homemade cakes or sweets.

The emphasis in a sweet hand made present should be made on usefulness. Use rice, corn, coconut flour – they are much less harmful to the figure and the body as a whole than wheat. Use dried fruits and different types of nuts, choose and create simple recipes so that you want to repeat them!

homemade cookies hand made photo

Why hand made sweets? By cooking on your own, you invest your time, feelings, care. Naturally, they come to visit you at the wedding, so they do not expect any material gifts in return. But a hand-made treat will definitely delight any guest!

Sweet DIY Ingredient Set

Do you want to be original and intrigue your friends and loved ones with a sweet gift? Awesome idea to give your wedding guests a jar of cookie or pie ingredients! Layering food and a recipe to boot will look very creative. Even if the guests decide not to prepare a treat, such a present can become a decoration of the kitchen.

sweet set diy photo

Why DIY cooking set? Creativity is our everything. A non-standard gift will definitely cheer up guests. And what could be better than sudden positive emotions?

Honey or jam in a jar: cozy treats

If you want to prolong the sweet pleasure of your gift, the option with jam or honey is what you need! On winter evenings, guests will remember your holiday, enjoying, for example, berry jam. You can order such a treat as a gift, or you can cook it yourself again.

gift honey, jam, confiture photo

Why honey or jam? Because such a gift does not need to be used urgently. And also, the presentation of the gift and its design will look cute and at home. Jars can be decorated with labels made especially for the holiday – with the date, names, wishes.

Bonbonnieres with sweets are simple, but not trivial. Rest assured: modern confectionery is the fruit of real art that can surprise. In addition, an edible gift is always better than an unnecessary souvenir that guests throw away. Why? Well, if only because sweets can stimulate the production of the hormone of happiness! Isn’t it an argument?

Bon appetit to you and your guests!

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