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In Alexandria, a man was wounded by a knife

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In Alexandria, a man was wounded by a knife

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The Alexandria Police Department received a message that a quarrel arose between unknown persons near the Iceberg market during which a knife was wounded, Sergey Kozlovsky, head of the monitoring sector of the Alexandria police department, told the incident details.

When visiting the scene of the investigative-operational group, it was established that when there was a conflict between the 27 year old and 38 year old residents near the Iceberg market.

In a quarrel, a 27-year-old male was inflicted with a penetrating stab wound to the abdominal cavity. In the course of the priority activities of a criminal offense, a 38-year-old previously convicted resident of the city was convicted, police said.

According to this fact, criminal proceedings were instituted under part 1 of Article 121 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The attacker was detained in accordance with Article 208 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine and he was suspected of having committed a criminal offense. Alexandria City Court was elected a preventive measure in the form of house arrest.

For these actions, the law provides for punishment of imprisonment for a term of five to eight years.

Source: Oleksandrіyskі novini

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