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In Alexandria, a woman without legs crawled along the road. VIDEO

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In Alexandria, a woman without legs crawled along the road. VIDEO

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An elderly woman without legs, who moved along the road, was seen by an indifferent Alexandria who wrote about it on social networks with a call to help a woman, and not be indifferent to each other:

“You know that people are already Crawling along the road and hundreds of cars, and dozens of people are passing, passing and flying (with a look that they don’t notice).
Summer heat, highway, hot asphalt, dust …
Man creeps and WANTS TO EAT !!!!!
I even could not get apricot from the tree ((((
And in the backpack sat a one-eyed kitten, who also waited patiently for help …
I do not call in your car to take it ..
But why did nobody stop to find out – can a person give at least some water ???
Social taxi can call …….
In her position – it is clear that she is without mobile phones.
And now it has become commonplace for everyone? – Crawling on a hot road hungry man without legs ???
But whoever she was … no matter how many mistakes she made in life … my dear fellow citizens … your indifference is worse. This is cowardice.
Scary for each of you who pass by.
This applies to EVERYONE.
Hold hands. Take an hour of time.
Let's go to the city executive committee.
I do not know her fate and why she was alone.
She only managed to ask the police officers to bring her to the destination address ..
But rumored to be thrown.
Not a sigh of excitement and condemnation is taken into consideration,
Starting with gozzh "Friend", in order to charity poster it wards defenders-soban …
And incrementally.
Friends. We have people crawling around the city …
Omitting already the topic of defenseless animals.
Start with YOURSELF.
help to help, as far as possible …. ”

Posted by Kotosemuyu Alexandria Subot, 6 linny 2019 p.

Posted by Kotosemuyu Alexandria Subot, 6 linny 2019 p.

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