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In an accident, it became common for Zvenigorodts to bother

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In an accident, it became common for Zvenigorodts to bother

in Suspension

In Oleksandrіy rytuvalniki have given help for the elimination of accident accidents.

About the price we went to the pres-services of the DSSN in the region.

21 veresnya about 04:08 to the Service of the order "101" nadіshlo povіdomlennya about those scho on vul. Central village Zvenigorodka metro station Oleksandriya became a road-transport attraction. Inside passenger accident passenger car "Volkswagen" dropping into the road and injured water 1986 born The beets of the 2nd DPRZ metro station Oleksandriya were handed over to the medical doctors for injured injured vehicle due to an auxiliary trench tool. Before mіstsya podії bulo, 4 members of the special warehouse and 1 unit of technology were acquired.


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