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In Oleksandrії get a new square

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In Oleksandrії get a new square

in Suspension

In Oleksandrії, a social partnership project of ownership of that community has been set up. Tse budіvnitsvo to the square of heroes of the ATO bіlya child garden №39. Rozrakhovaniy vin on December rock.

The idea of ​​the winery is an hour in the order of the stateless lands on the territory of the city. Todo bulo virisheno oblushtuvat empties bolsya DOS No. 39 and take away from the densely populated mikrorayonі sochasne mіssce vіdpochinku.

Abi vshanuvati commemorate the bent fellow countryman Oleksandr Kozenka, activists intoned to take the square to honor. That mother of a young man turned up to the bottom of the wretched naymenuvati zone vidpochinok in memory of the skin hangover – the square of the heroes of the ATO.
I will arrange landscaping of the park after breaking the fahivets – architector Igor Sosna, children and youth have passed in Olexandria. It is not the first choice of our fellow countryman, a kind of znayishov vidguk bulky. Winning a gift from the city, for a lot of promptings, a sports and brave complex near the Pivdenny mikrorayonі.
For the sake of improvement of the Maybuty square: the piers of the sidewalk are laid and the greenery is promoted.
Maybutnuyu here will be blessed with a blessing of blessing, zones of vigilance, children’s maidanchiki, and apartments.

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