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In the child’s perinka “Perlinka” Mitnitsa delivered her speech for free

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In the child’s perinka “Perlinka” Mitnitsa delivered her speech for free

in Suspension

Before the child’s booth, “Perlinka”, Mitnitsa gave the children’s speech for free.

The sovereign fiscal service has sent 2.4 thousand hryvnias to the sovereign budget, the information form of the Kirovogradskaya mitnitsa DFS.

At Sichny-Lipny 2019, for protocols on the destruction of the rules, a mine for 995.5 thousand hryvnias was received. On the cob of the whole rook, the Kirovogradsk mitnitsa boulevard was unbroken by the order of May, and the power passed to the sum of 148.2 thousand hryvnias. Before the child’s booth “Perlinka”, children’s speeches were delivered for free: 59 pairs of blown up, 42 kg of toy, 3 children’s balls.

The in-line rocі konfiskovane mine did not transmit to the regional Sovereign Wikimedia Commissions.

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