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In the oksandrіysky storeі there was a bіyka with rezanino

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In the oksandrіysky storeі there was a bіyka with rezanino

in Suspension

In Oleksandrii, in the Ekonomich store, one can be found on Surov’s lane (BTC KTM), the bazaar ended in a bruise with puncture wounds inflicted on an old broken dance.

At the store, the company and the company have started a conflict, such a change at the store. In the words of the eyewitnesses, the company was the first to hit the player, and the one who thoughtlessly thought about breaking the dance and the meeting with the blows of the guest part.

The saleswoman stole the shopper, right now the conflict pressed the button, the guards came to finish shvidko, they didn’t catch the door, they couldn’t close the room before the arrival of the police.

Behind the previous tribute, a man who started to beat earlier and earlier convicted and vidbuvav prison was born.

Know the patient and the sushi of the weekly, though they wanted to commit lynching and aggressively led themselves to the side of the clogged and policeman. Polіtseyskim happened zasosuvati gasі balonchiki against the most aggressive.

The shvidka took the injured person, having lost the bagato of blood, his perfect mill poki nevidomo.

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