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Lunar eclipse July 17, 2019: where and when will be seen

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Lunar eclipse July 17, 2019: where and when will be seen

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A lunar eclipse will occur on the night of July 17, 2019. It can be seen in most parts of Europe, particularly in Ukraine. The moon will enter the Earth’s shadow by 65%, that is, a partial lunar eclipse will occur.

The moon will enter the Earth’s shadow on the night of July 16-17. For Ukrainians, this will happen almost immediately after midnight – at 00:31.

The maximum phase of the eclipse will come in a few minutes – at 0:40 (Kyiv time). After that, the Earth satellite will move to the stage of the full moon.

By the way, in the USA this full moon is called “deer”. This is due to the fact that at this time of the year deer appear new horns. This phenomenon is also called the thunder moon due to frequent summer thunderstorms.

What is a lunar eclipse? This is a phenomenon that occurs when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon, and the Moon falls into the Earth's shadow or partial shade.

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the sun's rays for some time do not fall directly on the surface of the moon. During such an eclipse, the surface of the Earth’s satellite turns dark red, but it does not completely disappear.

A partial eclipse occurs when only part of the moon enters the shadow. With this type of eclipse, even in the maximum phase, part of the moon remains in partial shade and is illuminated by sunlight.

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