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Sunny, fiery, extraordinary – red-haired brides! The rare beauty given by nature has made you especially beautiful, and there is no reason for a modern girl to be ashamed of her appearance or try to change it. Today we will talk about natural makeup and luxurious evening makeup, we will learn how to choose the right makeup products for red-haired beauties in order to look natural and beautiful on their wedding day!

Natural makeup for redheads: basic rules

When we talk about brides with red hair, first of all natural, but also dyed (copper, light red, red), the ideal visage equates to the concept of natural makeup. It does not imply a complete absence of cosmetics, but obliges to use only those cosmetics that do not turn the face into a mask.

To make an evening, expressive and bright make-up or give preference to a light and natural daytime – choose, red-haired brides, only you. But the general rules apply to any of your looks, and it’s time to figure them out.

Natural makeup for redheads

  • the most important thing is tone. Maintaining the aristocratic pallor and transparency of the red-haired bride’s skin and hiding minor imperfections, such as redness or spots, both tasks must be completed at the same time. How to keep the balance between natural skin appearance and ideal? Light-skinned natural redheads should use a loose foundation that matches your natural skin tone as much as possible. Experts do not advise using shades of bronze and others that create the effect of a strong tan, which is unusual for girls with natural red hair.

  • concealers and blush – various correctors, as well as blush are more suitable for girls with darker, not porcelain skin. They will allow you to hide imperfections in the form of rashes or circles under the eyes, to emphasize the fresh look of the face. Definitely – this is an option for brides with dyed hair, because they can safely afford richer professional make-up without looking comical.

  • stop black – this point again concerns, first of all, natural red-haired and fair-skinned brides. Black eyebrow pencil and black eyeliner are not for you. It is, of course, possible and necessary to use these tools for make-up, but preference should be given to lighter shades – brown, gray, blue. Smoky ice is an exception, but again, such a wedding visage is suitable for darker girls.

Natural makeup for a wedding is the right solution to demonstrate your youth and charm. Let’s talk in more detail about how to properly apply makeup to red-haired brides and how to correctly select shades of makeup for their eyes!

Wedding makeup for redheads with green eyes

Red hair and green eyes – the perfect combination, the brightest and most memorable! If you are the owner of this type of appearance, you should start with taking into account the skin tone. The lighter it is, the lighter the shades of the selected cosmetics should be. You can do makeup for a wedding, only slightly emphasizing the eyes with eyeliner and focusing on the lips, or you can choose a full-fledged evening make-up.

makeup for redheads with green eyes

Makeup for green eyes includes saturated green in the acceptable palette (we only remember the rule that the color of the shadows and the iris of the eye should not match), light and dark blue, gray, silver, brown, purple. If you want to highlight your eyes with a bright visage, choose a discreet lipstick – coral, nude.

Wedding makeup for redheads with brown eyes

Dark and expressive eyes, bright hair color, pale skin – a special type of appearance of a red-haired bride with brown eyes requires a special balance in the choice of cosmetics. Eyes even without bright shadows draw attention to the appearance of such beauties, so when choosing a palette of shadows, it is worth stopping at shades of brown, beige, gold, olive green. Avoid bright red eyeshadows and the like so your eyes look natural and don’t lose their natural charm.

Makeup for redheads with brown eyes

The color of lipstick for red-haired brides can be chosen caramel, coral, burgundy and bright red are possible – especially in combination with a gray-smoky eye makeup.

Professional makeup for redheads with blue eyes

Makeup for redheads with blue eyes is when everything is simple and complex at the same time. The main taboo for any image is black, which we already mentioned earlier. The palette of acceptable shades of shadows is very wide, you can use beige, gold, peach, any shade of the nude palette. Dark shadows of any color are not very suitable for fair-skinned beauties, since against their background blue eyes look artificial and contrasting.

makeup for redheads with blue eyes

The choice of lipstick color for red-haired brides with blue eyes is practically not limited, but peach, pink, pink with an orange tint are best suited for a natural make-up.

Makeup for redheads with gray eyes

If you have red hair and gray eyes, a gray-silver eyeshadow palette will suit you for visage, which will differ in shades from the iris. You can use blue, green, copper shadows for gray-eyed brides – they all add mystery and expressiveness to the look.

Makeup for redheads with gray eyes

Gray-eyed brides are also free in choosing lipstick for redheads. You can use natural shades of a nude palette, or you can use rich reds and wine. After focusing on the lips, do not overdo it with bright shadows.

The right makeup is a simple step to highlighting your looks. Be beautiful, be happy with yourself!

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