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Not "good wound" 10 heresy in Oleksandrії. A PHOTO. VIDEO

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Not "good wound" 10 heresy in Oleksandrії. A PHOTO. VIDEO

in Suspension

Bіlya 7 years old ranku 10 Veresnya minibus Opel vivaro collapsed along the vul. Shevchenko in metro Oleksandriya, that without missing a moped.

As a result, a water moped was recognized by a small ear. The minibus didn’t snap, and then it drove along the vul. Dubrovi. Not pushing overtake in Russia Mercedes Vito car, a kind of collapsing on vol 6 Grudnya. Zdіsnivshi with him zіtknennya Opel spanning. At the center of the Vykhala brigade of the CSNS, the 3rd was brought to the Opel vivaro from the car. Vіn alive, ale having understood the tales of the ear. Trivaє perevirka.

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