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On Kirovogradshchіn ponad 800 gin є Borzhnitsami s aliment

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On Kirovogradshchіn ponad 800 gin є Borzhnitsami s aliment

in Suspension

In the Kirovograd region, 822 women are responsible for uttering the hair of children in the primus order. Most of them include the May of Bagatotisyany Borgs. About the whole cadre of justice Vadim Gutsul.

“In the region there are bourgeois people with aliens є like members, so I have women. Є mothers, like forgetting to mimic the children of high birth. Obviously, with official tributes, less than 273 women are able to give a financial note to their sins and dons. All of them who have a lot of support have problems, ”said Vadim Gutsul.

Of course, with official tribute, 549 sackers of the oblast may have a bargain from alimentations. The main reason for non-payment is the immoral way of life, which is to lead 386 gins. Now the part is not to give off official income Chi May, but the deeds will be interrupted by the ministry for more amusement. Є th so, hto change your mind. So, 87 gins – nin at the roschuk.

Dzherelo: Ridny Krai

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