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Charming and impeccable bride and groom, smart and cheerful guests – I want to remember every wedding in the smallest detail and save a photo where everyone is beautiful and happy! A professional photographer will help you cope with the task and will try to capture all the guests. The spouses can help him do this beautifully and stylishly by preparing a photo zone for the wedding. What they are and which one to choose for you – read the tips and browse our ideas to decide!

Wedding photo zone: how to make the right choice

The wedding photo zone is another location for the celebration, along with a banquet hall, dance floor or lounge area. There are many factors influencing the choice of the design of a corner for photographing with guests, and if your eyes have already fled with a variety of options, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the criteria.

  • evaluate the location where your holiday will take place. Indoor and outdoor wedding photo zones are completely different things. A spacious lawn will allow you not to be limited by the scale of a photo corner – you can reproduce an entire room with a sofa, carpet, table, while in a small restaurant there is hardly enough space for a simple photophone. Also, indoor lighting often requires additional lighting.

  • choose a decor for the photo zone, in accordance with the style of the wedding or its theme. For example, for a boho wedding, dream catchers, textiles made of lace and macrame, beautiful carpets and antique, unusual furniture will be relevant, and for a rustic holiday – natural, wooden decor typical for village life.

  • pay attention to the season in which the celebration will take place. Each season is a fairly rich source of ideas for decorating a festive photo shoot. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Types of wedding photo zones 2020

Photo zone for a wedding at any time of the year

A good way to decide on the design and style of a photo zone for a wedding is to focus on the time of the year when the celebration will take place. To help you, we have prepared ideas and tips, as well as special articles on the topics:

  • the spring area for a photo shoot is the case when any ideas related to floristry will be the best solution for you! A flower photophone, a location in the garden – in a clearing or by a tree, a garden reproduced indoors – choose the romantic version, symbolizing the awakening of nature and its beauty!

  • a summer area for shooting at a wedding is also floral motives, and also summer entertainment – a pool party, a hammock, a wigwam or a tent in a meadow, a picnic-style area, etc.

Spring and summer photo zones

  • autumn is a cozy location in the garden – with sofas and rugs, as well as cups, candles, books, etc. Indoor photo corners become relevant for the cool season.

  • winter is a festive theme, a New Year tree, Christmas motives, armchairs by the fireplace, a winter garden, Valentine’s Day decoration – an emotional and bright decor!

Autumn and winter photo zones

Photo zone for a wedding: the most beautiful and successful ideas

We invite you to familiarize yourself in more detail with the main types of photo zones for a wedding. The style and theme can be anything, but the design principle itself remains the same. Choose the option that will decorate exactly your wedding!


If you want to give guests beautiful photographs as a souvenir without spending too many resources, pay attention to the idea that will allow you to arrange a corner for a photo shoot inexpensively. A frame for a photo zone is original and stylish. You can use exquisite decorative frames that guests can pick up in their hands, or order a full-length frame that can fit several people at once. Whether it’s an Instagram frame, retro style or flowers, your guests will love this simple idea!

photozone frame photo

Press wall

If your holiday has a slogan, hashtag, monogram reflecting the first letters of the names of young people, you can use them in the design of the press wall. The idea is not new, but very popular and successful. Guests will be pleased to feel like participants in a significant event, such as an award ceremony or a film premiere. The size of the press wall for a wedding should be no less than 2×2 meters. It is important to agree with the wedding photographer on the location of such a photo zone so that the pictures are of the highest quality: lighting for the implementation of such an idea plays an important role.

Photo zone press ox banner hollywood

Chalk board

Let’s add some creative options and tell you about the currently popular background for shooting – a chalk board. It can be a really huge blackboard, but more often couples simply order a blackboard-style wedding banner. Any text can be applied to such a banner for a photo zone – your names and surnames, initials, wedding date, various beautiful expressions about love and family.

photo zone chalk board photo

Stand with decor

A stand is a more voluminous solution than a simple banner. Often the stand is made of wood, since the decor will be attached to it, which means it must be sufficiently stable. Natural flowers, voluminous paper flowers, balls, fabrics and draperies, light bulbs, fans and other wedding paraphernalia are used as a decor for such a stand. Also, the initials and wedding date are often applied to it.

photo zone with photo decor

Thematic photo zone for a wedding

The most beautiful and complex in terms of decor is a wedding photo zone in the form of a room, theatrical decorations, a whole corner with a thematic decor, a place where guests can sit, and props for a photo shoot. If you want to surprise your guests, you have to take care of both the background and the decor. For a rustic holiday, you can use a fence, hay, a bicycle as decorations, for the luxurious 20s – a beautiful antique armchair, a gramophone, etc. In preparing such a photo corner, it is important to convey the atmosphere and add more interesting details with which the invitees can take pictures.

themed photo zone for a wedding

Arch for a photo shoot

Wedding decor today tends to be simplified, but not at the expense of style. So, for example, if your wedding location has a beautiful garden or lawn, use nature to create a beautiful photo zone. It is enough to choose a picturesque place and add an arch there – it can be suspended or stand on the ground. Use fresh flowers as a decoration to add color and celebration.

wedding photo zone arch


An alternative to a press wall and something more interesting than a stand is a screen. This photo zone is perfect for a wedding in the cold season, as it will look good not only outdoors, but also indoors. This design option for a photo zone is quite budgetary, since the screen, even without decor, in itself, is textured and stylish. If desired, you can supplement it with garlands, light bulbs, candles, floral decor.

photo zone screen partition photo

Photo zone at a wedding of balloons

Unusual compositions of balloons are another way to decorate a photo zone at a wedding. They can be used both independently and as part of a whole. Balls of different shapes, shades and sizes, connected in arches, geometric shapes look beautiful. Such a photo zone for a wedding will look fresh and attractive!

photo zone for a wedding of balloons

Photo corner with car

Decorators have found a more original application for cars for a wedding than just transporting newlyweds from one wedding location to another. A beautiful retro car can be used for a photo zone for a wedding. It is worth decorating the car with flowers, wooden or neon signs, plaques or plaques with the names and date of the wedding. Such a location will certainly amaze your guests and will definitely make you want to be photographed.

photo zone with autosave ideas


The photozone-doors, as a symbol of the transition to a new happy life, are very popular among the spouses. Especially if these are old doors with beautiful floral decorations. An additional effect will be the location of the doors. It is difficult to come up with the best decorations for a holiday in nature, since the door will look very impressive against the background of the sea or forest.

wedding photo zone out of doors

A photo zone for a wedding is another great way to take care of the experience for guests. Almost all people like to be photographed, and if your wedding has everything for a professional photo shoot – from a cool photographer to a beautiful and unusual photo corner – the success of the event is guaranteed!

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