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The main gift for the guests of the party is your respect. Brightest ways to show it – give the requested for Christmas Day in a special way, the time has come for a promotion on the very holy, come up with a tsikava roving program. Ale, іsnuєshe, one principle of a weighty tradition – we will ask for a gift as a sign of a small present.

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Bonbonnurki: history and tradition

Bonbon’rka is a classic gift for guests at the party. Tsikava is the name of the French “bon-bon” – “tsukerka” and “bonbonniere” – a box for malt. A collection of bonbonnєrka vikoristovuvalas for the collection of confectionery virobіv near the booth. Zukor is not available for skin, that is, boxes for the collection of licorice boules in the donkeys of the best people. Often they were prepared from gold and silver and they were encrusted with stones.

Daruvati one to one bonbonnurki in 17-18 centuries France could only have a bagaty. The Italian tradition was introduced and introduced to the Masi: there are small gifts of liquorice received by the guests from the bagatokh drives – weddings, children, folk children, chrestini, etc.

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The tradition of bonbonnrka on a vesіlja is a small box or a little bear, in which there are zukerki – blinkers in glaze. The glaze can be classic – chocolate, or it can be boiled in a color to match your weight. The tsukerok, for the sound, put in the bonbonku equal to 5: the number of symbols of good luck is unpaired, and the skin trickle is okreme of good fortune. Health, happiness, wealth, joy and happiness – everything is more important for our skin!

Gifts for the party for the guests: happy pidhid

The tradition of giving a gift to guests has successfully taken root in the Bagatio lands, and has been greatly transformed. For a large number of italians, bonbonnirki with a migdal is just a symbol. Alle, the happy youngsters in all their light from the rock in the rik will get more gifts to the guests, less malt.

Presenting the guests will need to choose from the resources of your budget, talent and number of requested ones. Licorice gifts for guests at the party are all so relevant: chocolate, marmalade, tistechka, etc. Garnet design and delivery – the axis is the main rule of success.

Great, if you love and in the presence of gotuvati: greet the guests with homemade marshmallows or cinnamon tsukerki from sumy mountains and dried fruits, prepared with a whip.

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Betting with true gifts is not enough. Vidminna Idea – present a souvenir in the theme and colors of your saint. Some wines, long and long-lasting, are thought to come up with practical and brown gifts for guests at the party. The price of boutiques and home grown linens, textiles, and frames for photographs is very affordable. To add a binding to such presentations, there can be plates, stickers with names or young people, engraving or engraving date wedding.

De buy bonbonerki i yak zrobiti yourself

Did you have gifts for friends and family, but don’t you know, take a package for them? You can buy bonbonnrki in special online stores, where you can buy special accessories for fun. It is also possible to speed up the services of the decorator or the decorator, for which you need packaging in the style of your saint

Schob zrobiti bonbonrki with your own hands, you have an hour to know. Ale itself hand made boxes for gifts to add to the tradition of soulfulness. Be it a surprise, a couple of beats are especially special, guests spry out with a bang

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For tsukers and small souvenirs – magnets with your photo, keychains on keys, etc. – carton packaging. To buy cardboard or paper papier of a consumer color and a small one in stationery stores or specialty stores, to sell everything for handicrafts and creativity. As soon as you have a lot of hours on the stem of the original layout of the maybutny packaging, joke around in the fancywork – it’s a lot of templates to be shared with absolutely no frames.

There is another option for packaging malts, as well as for special packaging – a price for small pieces of textiles or shkiri. It will be simpler to build it up, below the box. Having made the squares of tulle or fabrics, put them in the middle of the tsucker and go to the edge of the material, so that you can ring them. As long as you put in the sewing, give the fabric a bigger shape. You can embellish the little ones with namistins, bows, quits.

At the cleanliness of the packaging of gifts, you can pick up and prepare containers – cans, decorative and miniatures, potters, vases

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They are young gifts to guests – there is a simple and garnishing way to see your friend for a visit and respect. The price of such a present is not important, as it is in the heart of the soul and gifts from the soul!

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