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Skіlki vlasnikіv cars on рономvronomery even denied a fine?

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Skіlki vlasnikіv cars on рономvronomery even denied a fine?

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On the 22nd day of the owner’s car driver in Europe, they brought in cars to Ukraine due to the destruction of the mit regime, they got a fine. Narazі DFS fined even 243 hair drivers of such cars.

At the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, they said that 243 protocols were stored from 22 sickle to 4 spring.

Zauvazhimo, right now, right at the parliament’s eyes, I’m looking at the bill, as a deputy, I’d like to sell the term of the “Vroblem” vikoristan period.

The bill to Radi vnos Volodimir Zelensky, which is undisputable.
Win proprietary terms by extending a certain car driver on the license plates can be sure to renew their car without penalties for 90 days – from 270 to 360 days. On the other hand, “Uvrobley” will be fined more than once before the legislation.

З 22 sickle, which we have previously been praised by the law, has earned the norm about hard penalties for the owners of "Urobley", so that they didn’t incite a higher priority for transport. Vidter fines have become significantly greater.

– 17 thousand hryvnias to the fine – for re-payment of 10 to 20 db;
– 85 thousand hryvnias – for re-distribution of 20 to 30 db;
– 170 thousand hryvnias; for confiscation of TK – for overbought 30% lower.

For advanced assessments, in Ukraine, over 300 thousand transport problems will be lost on the number plates. Usim og to fines up to 170 thousand hryvnia and confiscation.

Dzherelo: 24 channel

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