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Fashion designers and their brands have already presented wedding collections 2020, which means we can acquaint you with the full picture of what the most stylish bridesmaid dresses look like this wedding season! Spring / Summer selections embody femininity and bring us romantic retro looks, new experiments with bridal pantsuits and unusual outfits with feathers and lace. Autumn-winter collections surprised with pomp, splendor, large details, floral prints! But whatever one may say, the most beautiful wedding dresses 2020 are an amazing world of moods and characters, so different and so beautiful!

Wedding dresses 2020: the main fashion trends

A wedding dress should fit and please the bride. Do not limit yourself in choosing classic styles and standard solutions. An outfit for an important day in 2020 must be creative: it means that you create your own image! And if the general appearance has already appeared in your thoughts, we are ready to help you figure out the details. To do this, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main trends based on the analysis of spring-summer 2020 wedding collections.

  • monochrome – minimalism has been very popular in recent years, but it is not a uniform directive. An unusual type of appearance, original hairstyle, massive jewelry and catchy accessories – this is a reason to think about choosing a monochrome outfit. This means that the dress will not have any decor, only the original cut and luxurious fabric.

  • feathers – if for many years brides have chosen outfits decorated with Swarovski stones or their cheap alternative – fake rhinestones, today feathers are used in the collections of many brands. Some use them to decorate the bottom or top of clothing, while others create unusual images that resemble ballerinas’ packs. In any case, the feathers look surprisingly light and beautiful, as if emphasizing the delicate, airy, clean image of the young.

  • asymmetry of hem – and not only. Asymmetric wedding dresses look fantastic in general: recall attractive models with one sleeve or massive decor on one shoulder (like a bow or a voluminous flower). In the coming season, outfits with a long train and a short hem in front will be at the peak of popularity. This style is a real find for brides who do not want to hide the dignity of their figure behind a long skirt. Show off your adorable feet and show off your lovely shoes!

  • non-standard volume – the classic fluffy princess dress has not gone anywhere. The collections, of course, contain the usual incarnations of this theme, but still much more stylish – unusual volumes. For example, an element of clothing from the Victorian era is returning – the bustle – a kind of petticoat that adds pomp to the figure in the back. Of course, iron hoops and pads are not used, but the multi-layered fabric, which creates volume and flows into a beautiful train, looks amazing!

dress for wedding 2020

We can see such trends in most of the spring-summer collections of 2020. Let’s talk in more detail about fashion ideas and show other interesting trends further.

Wedding dress: 70s inspiration

What designers did not mix in their Bridal Spring-Summer 2020 collections! But the main thing worth paying attention to is that vintage and boho are back in fashion. This means that in the coming year, the bride can safely add retrospective details to her image – be it ethnic embroidery in a modern interpretation or fringe, as on disco-style outfits. A special place is occupied by lace jumpsuits.

wedding dress boho

Thin cape or cape

The fashion for capes that has not lost its relevance can add drama and mystery to the image of the bride. Even the most beautiful wedding dresses can always be made even more original. In the spring-summer 2020 season, capes and capes should be completely thin, like a veil. You can fasten the cape on the neck or at the back – on the upper edge of the bodice of a dress or jumpsuit: let your cape be long and develop in the wind!

wedding dress fashion 2020

Green light to green

Those who have followed bridal fashion for the past five years will agree that the appearance of a new shade in wedding dresses is quite expected. Remember how the world’s catwalks conquered blue wedding dresses, then lilac shades, and last year even black accents? The wedding dress 2020 is associated with youth, freshness and naturalness, and all these qualities are perfectly reflected by the soft and delicate green shade. Most often, it is embodied in natural decor (in the form of leaves and flowers) on outfits in more traditional shades, but there are outfits in the collections that are completely made in mossy, gray-green and yellowish-green shades!

green wedding dress

Unexpected ginger

The designers did not limit creative brides to green. The classic and boring shades of champagne and ivory are being replaced by the natural and unusual color of ginger root. It goes well with the metallic that has become fashionable in 2019 and the permanent leaders – shades of the nude palette.

wedding dress nude

Two-piece suit

Trouser fashion for brides began with overalls, but time goes on, and at the same time, the look at the strict and still unusual for many young style is being modernized. In 2020, the trend is a two-piece suit, where trousers of the style you like are combined with an open top or a closed retro blouse. At the same time, trousers can be cropped, flared, slim – choose according to your figure and complement the image with classic and minimalistic heels.

wedding bride suit

Wedding dress: correct neckline

There are a huge number of cutouts, and, usually, it is they who set the tone for the perception of a particular image. In the new season, the right neckline is the one recommended by the designers. Among the most popular are V-neckline and harness. They cover the chest quite strongly, but perfectly emphasize the neck and arm area.

wedding dress with neckline

Unusual Pleated Wedding Dresses

If a dress for a wedding 2020 is decorated with a simple and laconic neckline, then with skirts, as you can already see from the trends listed above, fashion designers recommend brides to experiment. Another trend that has revived from the past is pleating, or in a simple way – fabric folds. By the way, another way to add splendor alongside.

pleated wedding dress

Satin and lace gloves

The elegant return of the youngest royal accessory itself has also fallen into 2020! We are talking about the bride’s gloves made of satin or thin lace, which reach the elbow or end just above it. If this wardrobe item seemed outdated to you, it’s time to change your views: perhaps gloves will become the highlight of your look!

wedding gloves fashion

Wedding dress 2020: a guide to the fall-winter 2020-2021 collections

As a rule, many trends that are relevant in the spring-summer season smoothly flow or transform into new trends for the autumn-winter period. And if the majority of spring and summer brides, most likely, have decided on the choice of a wedding dress for 2020, then girls planning a celebration for autumn and winter are still in active search.

Most importantly, remember: if you liked the ideas from the collections of the warm period, it will not be mistaken or not fashionable to implement them in the fall. And yet, if the ideas described above are not enough for you – explore the trends with us further!

So, among the distinguishing characteristics of all fashion collections for fall-winter 2020, we can note:

  • layering and splendor – designers understand the desire of every bride to get a unique and inimitable dress for the wedding 2020. It should be impressive, special, non-standard. Therefore, the usual splendor for wedding collections is being rethought, and we are not dealing with crinoline, but with countless layers of tulle, brocade, taffeta!

  • floristic decor – if you move away from minimalism and do not use draperies and layers, then the best way to decorate a wedding dress this year would be to use floral and floral prints.

  • draped reception – the clear lines of pleating that captivated us in the spring-summer collections are replaced by smooth and varied draperies.

Layered Fashion Wedding Dresses 2020

Skirts of exquisite and divinely beautiful wedding dresses in the fall-winter collections of designers for this year flow in multi-layered cascades and lush, voluminous clouds. Refined combinations of a modest, restrained, tight-fitting top with such unusual volumes are as if created to emphasize the grace and majesty of female beauty. Moreover, the designers showed complete freedom not only in the choice of shapes and lengths, but also in colors. Choose any – blue, peach, pink, white.

Wedding Dresses 2020 Zuhair MuradZuhair Murad Fall 2020

Layered bridesmaid dress 2020: ideas

Bridesmaid dress with floral and plant prints

The importance of nature conservation is emphasized by designers, choosing plants and flowers as the only fashionable print in the 20th year. There are floral appliques all over the dress, huge decorative elements – on the shoulder, skirt or train, and fabrics with floral motifs. At first glance, some of the images are more reminiscent of evening ones, but they are so beautiful that hardly any girl can resist such a temptation!

Monique Lhuillier Fall 2020 Wedding DressesMonique Lhuillier Fall 2020

The most fashionable wedding dresses 2020: floral print photos

Beautiful wedding dresses 2020 with drapes

Drapery is known to be a very old technique in the visual arts, depicting fabric with soft, unsmooth folds (as opposed to pleating). Designers used it to give the image a youthful lightness and carelessness, which, however, cannot be found fault with. Dresses with drapery are very relevant both in maxi and mini style. They use the technique both for the whole dress and partially, which looks especially luxurious.

Viktor & Rolf Bridal Fall 2020 Bridesmaid DressViktor & Rolf Bridal Fall 2020

Zac Posen Bridal Fall 2020 DressesZac Posen Bridal Fall 2020

Once again, we are convinced that fashion is cyclical, and we look forward with special trepidation to the new wedding season. Look for inspiration in our materials, and amazing retro details that are back in fashion today can be found in your grandmothers’ wardrobes!

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