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09/07/2020 Masha Beauty Hamster Tom Ford Beauty Virgin Orchid Eye Color Quad

In this review, I would like to share my impressions of the Tom Ford Beauty Virgin Orchid Eye Color Quad, one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes in my collection. In general, I plan to talk about my entire collection of shadows from Tom Ford by the end of the year (which will not be difficult at all, since I have a very small collection, only four palettes, I will traditionally show them at the end of the post).


Tom Ford Beauty Virgin Orchid Eye Color Quad Opinions

Let’s start by talking about all four shades from the Tom Ford Beauty Virgin Orchid Eye Color Quad palette (traditionally on swatch and in the further description, I will talk about shades from left to right, top to bottom, first the top, then the bottom row):

Tom Ford Beauty Virgin Orchid

Virgin Orchid # 1 is a neutral white radiant shade. The shade has a soft and smooth texture, good pigmentation (but it is important to clarify that almost all shades in the palette are very delicate and soft, that is, this palette is not for bright contrasting makeup). The shade is perfect for the inner corner of the eye, for a light daytime makeup (plus, I also use this shade as a topper, to soften other shades, apply directly over the top). The shade has excellent durability, it practically does not fade and does not roll off during the day (I would say that without a base, the shade lasts for about 8-9 hours, then begins to fade slightly);

Tom Ford Beauty Virgin Orchid reviews

Virgin Orchid # 2 is a muted pinkish-golden shimmering shade (the texture of the shade contains the smallest golden shimmer). By the way, the shade resembles a softer and more delicate version of the Nars Orgasm blush. The shade has good pigmentation (but again, I will immediately clarify that these are not highly pigmented bright shadows, but rather a more delicate and delicate version, although they can also be applied with a wet method for a more intense application). The shade is a little dusty, the shade has a very smooth texture, excellent durability (it lasts about 8-9 hours on me, then gradually begins to fade, does not crumble during the day);

tom ford

Virgin Orchid # 3 is a cool lilac lilac shade (there is a tiny silvery shimmer in the shade texture). Very, very beautiful shade (probably my favorite in this palette). The shade has a very soft and smooth texture, good pigmentation, the shade is perfectly applied and mixed, excellent durability (it does not roll off without a base, it lasts for about 9 hours on my eyelids, then starts to fade slightly);

tom ford reviews

Virgin Orchid # 4 is a dark plum luminous shade (there is a subtle silver finish in the texture). The shade has excellent pigmentation, very soft smooth texture, it is perfectly applied, mixes well, very long-lasting (does not roll off, lasts about 9 hours on me, then starts to fade). Of the minuses, I can note that the shade crumbles slightly when applied (during the day, the shade does not crumble without a base).

About palette

tom ford shadow

Now let me subtract my Tom Ford Beauty Virgin Orchid Eye Color Quad. Firstly, I really liked the baked Tom Ford formula (the palette uses the same formula as in Nude Dip), the shadows are perfectly shaded (well, that is, they literally shade themselves already upon application), mix well.

Plus, the shadows very softly and smoothly lay on the eyelids (they not only do not emphasize the texture of the eyelid, but as if on the contrary visually smooth the eyelids, the finish of the shadows is satin, slightly moist). The eyeshadow has a wonderful silky smooth texture and is a pleasure to use. In addition, I was very pleased with the durability of the shadows, the shadows on me perfectly hold up to 9 hours without a base, then they begin to gradually fade (while not a single shade crumbles during the day).

tom ford shadow reviews

I also really liked the shades in the Tom Ford Beauty Virgin Orchid Eye Color Quad palette, they are perfectly combined with each other, they look very complimentary on the eyelids (well, in general, why hide there, I really love this color scheme). Separately, I note that this palette is more suitable for delicate daytime makeup (this palette will not work for contrasting or bright makeup). Plus, I think this palette is more suitable for light skin tones.

The shades from the Virgin Orchid palette can be applied both dry and wet (for a more intense color). Personally, I have enough of the effect that shadows give with ordinary dry application (also on all swatch all shades are applied dry, I did not do wet swatches).


palette tom ford

That’s all I wanted to tell you about the Tom Ford Beauty Virgin Orchid Eye Color Quad palette. Summing up, I can say that I just adore this palette – for my taste, absolutely everything is perfect here, from shades, textures and quality to design (the only thing that upsets me is the Ford price tag). And in the photo above is my small collection of Tom Ford palettes (I have two palettes from last year’s limited collection of the brand).

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Price £ 56.66 (or £ 68.00 for EU residents)

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