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White, long and lush is no longer the standard of the perfect wedding dress, and choosing a different color – for example, champagne or ivory – is not quite as creative as it was ten years ago. If you are a bride free from stereotypes and opinions, it’s time to go beyond the usual notions and make the most important day – the wedding day – unforgettable and bright, starting with your own image. Unusual wedding dresses – this is what we will tell you about in this material: get ready to be surprised and be inspired by your health!

Who Designed the White Wedding Dress?

A custom wedding dress theme is perfect for debunking myths. A white wedding dress seems to us the most obvious and correct decision in choosing a bride’s outfit. Surprisingly, but true: white has become traditional for weddings relatively recently – only in the 19th century. And the tradition was created not by some fashion experts, but by kings.

In 1840, Queen Victoria of England married Duke Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. On this occasion, she put on a white wedding dress. Naturally, the official photograph of the married monarchs was published in many publications in the country and around the world. The royal wedding won the hearts of young girls, and becoming brides, they dreamed of imitating the queen, choosing white for their festive outfits.

It is important to note that before this weddings also took place, but the brides did not wear white outfits at all.

Unusual wedding dresses: how to express your personality

Beautiful wedding dresses make brides from all over the world dizzy: no matter how much the outfit costs, every bride wants to wear a luxurious dress for a wedding. The modern world of wedding fashion inspires girls with very non-standard ideas. But many find it difficult to accept the unconventional vision of a wedding dress: the unusual color and length of the wedding image is not clear to everyone. In our special material, we will tell you about unusual wedding dresses that will captivate you with their beauty and originality.

Unusual wedding dresses

Original wedding dresses may differ from traditional ones:

  • by color – there are black, blue, and red;

  • by material – for example, Danielle Frankel’s BRIDAL SPRING 2020 collection has jacket dresses, and such unusual outfits can be made of tweed or wool;

  • by decor – beads and Swarovski stones are unlikely to surprise anyone, but interesting applications in the form of plants or birds can make an outfit very creative;

  • by cut and length – short wedding dresses are still considered quite unconventional.

This list is not complete, so let’s move on to specific examples and show the best options for unusual wedding dresses!

Wedding dress with voluminous flowers

For several years now, the trend for floral applique has not left the wedding fashion. Volumetric flower arrangements add a magical look to even the simplest outfit. Looks great as a large flower behind, on the belt line – instead of a bow, and on the shoulder. A flower applique of small buds all over the outfit turns the bride into a fairy princess! The idea of ​​a floral decor is great for a traditional white outfit, looks good on trendy shades of nude, trendy powdery, pink, blue, yellow. Looks especially creative with the midi length.

Dress with voluminous flowers

Colored wedding dress

Every year over the past 5 years, the fashion world meets a new creative trend – either designers admire us with original blue masterpieces, then black, then lilac, then powdery, then green! Incredibly, even radical colors like black have their own charm and magic. Style experts seem to prove to us that the symbolism of color is fiction, especially considering that in different cultures, individual shades have diametrically opposite interpretations.

Colored wedding dress

Ombre Outfits

Outfits with an ombre effect look less extravagant and protest in terms of color schemes. Wedding dress with ombre is luxurious, beautiful, stylish! After all, such a technique allows the bride to reveal the color idea of ​​the holiday in her image, while not breaking traditions. Coral, pink, gold ombre looks great on white, but by the way – whatever you want! If the main color is not white, make sure that the shades are combined: for example, the color of champagne is interesting with pink and peach, but with white it will give the impression of a yellowed fabric.

Ombre Outfits

Wedding dress-transformer

The name sounds pretty brutal, but in fact, a transforming wedding dress is an amazing invention that allows brides to transform at different stages of the holiday. Some transformers will help to shorten the outfit, some – take off the fluffy skirt and train, creating a tight, straight silhouette – less solemn, more comfortable. Transformer is a universal solution for those brides who dream of dressing up for a painting, wedding, banquet, or party! Sewing a dress for an individual order, you will receive several outfits in one at once, created taking into account your needs and desires! And what can we say about a photo shoot and additional shooting: here, for sure, dressing up is a huge plus!

Wedding dress-transformer

Custom patterned wedding dresses

You can make your image light and original by not using uniform applications! An unusual pattern on the fabric for a dress is another wonderful way to demonstrate the uniqueness of taste. For some, this option will remind you more of evening looks, but keeping the traditional wedding styles and performing them in an unusual fabric, you will be a fabulous bride! Of course, ideally, you should choose a fabric with a bright pattern and a background familiar to the occasion – white, ivory, powder. Among the drawings in priority are flowers, butterflies, birds, plants – all natural and associated with nature.

wedding dresses with pattern

See Through Bride Outfit

If you are too conservative, then perhaps this idea will seem to you too frank and defiant. But, nevertheless, a see-through wedding dress is not uncommon. Such an image is suitable for brides with ideal shapes, if the transparency is only partial – with its help you can emphasize the advantages: for example, beautiful legs or beautiful breasts. Nobody talks about complete nudity: this is the art of revealing a secret, hinting, leaving the overall image quite chaste.

See Through Bride Outfit

Unusual wedding dresses: knitted masterpiece

True splendor is a handmade miracle – a knitted wedding dress. The idea is similar to the previous one, but it all depends on the chosen pattern. Such an outfit will definitely set you apart as a creative and non-standard young, and in the photo the image will look original, gentle, atypical. Perhaps this idea will even inspire you for a handmade holiday, where all the decor is made by hand!

knitted wedding dress

Creativity and the ability to show individuality are one of the main values ​​of the modern world. Be different – allow yourself an outfit that you never dreamed of!

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