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Vartіst of the servants from the water station in Oleksandrіnovu virosta

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Vartіst of the servants from the water station in Oleksandrіnovu virosta

in Suspension

Yak povidomili in OKPP "Dnipro-Kirovograd", on the basis of the price of electricity to a new power supply, which was in Ukraine for 1 lipnya. For water utilities Ії, the rate is already in the sickle range for 25-30 hours. It automatically leads to a cost-effective tariff. In general, water channels will need to be robbed of the rosette and the corridor, the tariff will be in the same time, but go to the weather schedule for the supply.

The General Director of the Government Roman Ilyk povidomiv, who communally pidprimstvo mother and child before the legislation, and also before the end of the year to present the rozraunka new tariff National State Office.

– At the National Insurance Commission, for Dnipro-Kirovograd OKPP, tariffs for centralized water supply and water delivery for 2019 have been set, as if there were no delay, – said Ilyk. – At the end of the month, the National Committee took one more decision, and in so doing it set up the date of transmission of the electric power for the power supply. Now there are postal management bodies, such as buying electricity for the market and selling it to people living with goiters, giving them the opportunity to get to the electricity supply.

In addition, with a stretch of half-grown-up – within the range of ten hours – the power of electricity. As a result, all the water utilities were squandered in the situation, as long as the wartime is 25-30 times higher for them. All the same, it’s negatively in effect on the financial and economic stanch of pidprimstva, oskilki stink can’t change the cost to repay the growth of power generation energy supply organizations.

We’ll have another month, I’m sorry, I’m from NKREKU, from the Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine. Sorry, the National Committee didn’t give us arguments of roses, an explanation of what our farther days …

Vinikaє nutrition: are there any reforms to lead to the loss of life for people – is this the way for us to reform? All the same, the energy axis, and the axis is usually the post-boss, so do the claims themselves no less, they have less energy.

I can go to the website of the company, but at the same time we’ve got a message from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development within the framework of “Another project to develop Moscow infrastructure”. For an hour, “zavyadki credit cats, such as a business took away on the minds, went on to realize and conduct a number of important zavdan. All the stenchs are hidden in the water and drive. " And at this hour oleksandrіytsі skarzhat, scho in areas of the water do not reach the upper surface, especially in a year peak. First of all, in the city, there is a supply of water distribution virishu сtsya, then I sat down in our region to be secured by centralized water distribution more than 17 (!) Vіdsotkіv. I ce in the XXI table in the center of Europe!

And the axis is one novelty on the topic of water utilities. Last week, the state environmental inspectorate in the region submitted claims to the Dnipropetrovsk-Okrug Production and Commercial Institute with the drive for industrial cleaning, closed facilities, and the lack of clean-up.

Vodokanal sent a claim for voluntary vidshkoduvannya zbitkіv. Zagalnaya suma zbitka put up 1 million hryvnias. Ale yakshcho OKPP goit’s a fine as a payment, then for whose grocery store, your budget is formulated for the grocery store to pay for your services with your friends – what about you?

It is unfortunate that from the regional fund for the protection of the natural natural remedy Bulo seen koshti at the end of the reconstruction of the Marto-Ivanovo extra equipment. Ale, I’m sure to keep fakhivtsi (for the whole report reportedly in one of the closest numbers), you don’t have to solve the problem of pure water – in the case of urgent demand and go to the next meal.

Mauger, the right head of Moscow Stepan Tsapyuk, who once said repeatedly, what will the Olexandr’s pid-file OKPP turn into the communal power of the government? Mauger, it’s time for d-way w-suk cloth to design, how can I transmit the message with the most powerful dzherely vody? We have є Kostyantinіvsky and Baidakіvsky roses, water from not so much special purification, more – Kostyantinіvsk water can be butyuvati. It is also possible to drill sverdlovini – such as design є, even further by us, the whole ocean of yakisino water!

Oleksandrіysky tizhden

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