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Do not be deprived of stylish cloths for children to marvel at all those who feel at the day of fun. The image of the nominated is the whole harmony of stripping, vizazu, vbrannya, and more – weighty embellishments and accessories. As long as yours is more important to sacredly be seen in the spring season 2018, our collection of trends in the winter season will make you sure to quote.

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Cold is not a sacred step: veiling capes

Significant part of the great season in Ukraine for a cold season. Spring is subdued, or the autumn snakes are called sacrifices for the comfort of beauty. Ale in the whole rosi, the designers from the rosuminnyam have put themselves to the point: the absolute trend of 2018 for rock is the tse cape. A springy cape from a coat material – for a cold day, for a cold day, for a warm one.

Style with a cape to replace a veil. Besides, the cape, which falls to the ground, will spare you the need to vibrate the weight of cloth with a train.

photo capes

Chorniy kolіr at the vestry palіtri:
unacceptable accent

Chorne weighty pay is no longer an oxymoron. At the same time, on the podiums of light, the fashionable boules are presented models of clothing for the names of fabrics. With such a bold move, the designers nibi make sure that the black symbolism is not mourning: it’s good for me to get involved in the color of the taunt and the power of the woman.

Chorna Vesіlna Cloth photo

It is obvious, haute couture, that it’s not enough to try and pay for a wedding, to please the vikoristovuvati chorny, in the main, for accents. For example, in the color of pasque, bow, choker and the most fashionable in 2018, embellishment.

Weighing cloth with black items photo

Inspired jewelry embellishments and jewelery

In the plan for the decor of the woolen cloth, there is no need to be intertwined with the fantasy in the whole season. Namistini, pearls, beads, as well as brooches and brooches are guilty of some of the cloth. As soon as you see the perevagu of generous fabrics, you don’t need to add your Christmas tree image with namists and pendants.

weightless cloth with bizhuteriyu photo

Vesіlny mittens: pink and aristocratic

It is absolutely unacceptable to turn into a fashionable mittens – the most royal piece of clothing. To a great extent, choose models of short or maximal dozhini, vikonany in the even lower style: insight, unliving, ice pomitnі.

photo mittens

Quite a motive for everything

Zavalosya b, how can you be more transferring, below the name of the name? I Tim is not the least, Kiti is one of the most popular trends in rock. They also talked about the appliqués on the woolen cloth, but they didn’t add rustic and boho styles, but they didn’t expand on clothes. Live the apartment in the quality of the decor for cleaning or embellish the image to give the image special romantic notes.

winok s kvitiv for the photo

Make sure to remember: the details can change your name beforehand. The excess is flawed, the less the visibility is tedious. Be original and go creative before preparing your weighty image

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