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Today’s fashionable women cannot allow themselves to talk to the children of the world about weighty cloth: designers present new fashionable trends that they want to see. The classic image of a nominated person in a big one is no longer an end in itself for a large woman. Seeing originally, morally, navigating extravagantly – the axis that you want to be named in 2018. We have prepared a short journey with the best fashion trends.

named at the cloth bilya vikna photo

Cloth of the princess and A-silhouette: loving models to know in fashion

Designers and styles in 2018 are good for a little pause on the cloth with a writing desk. If you wanted to see yourself as a Cossack heroine in a casual, voluminous selection, cheerfully embrace the world.

Vesіlna Suknya Pisna Skirt Photo

For those who are quiet, to whom the richly ball-shaped tulle is boring, є the idea is non-standard – the transformer cloth is weighty. The common spidnitsa can have a shorter style that fits the figure, or the dovzhina is short. The three classic models in the trend are also fabrics A-line – that is, step by step expanding from the table to the bottom.

weightless cloth and silhouette photo

Alas, do not lose your position and in the same way as the current names of the straight style. Like fabrics, the little ones can be used to make such fabrics more stylish and elegant.

Vesіlna cloth straight cut photo

Designers did not enchant us with cloths, and the main hit of the 2018 season is the price of pants. On such an extravagant solution – to wear a cloth for a vesty trouser suit – it is far from being called a skin. And if you want to pick up the courage to contradict the old traditions and choose an overalls or a dress-culottes – style, in any pants and a partner you get angry at one – definitely, to carry out your small revolution to fight against stereotypes.

wedding trouser suit photo

Nouns that value originality can add a rod to their own image, having made stylish accessories and additional elements of a weight-bearing dress.

Get bile: nude weighing cloth

Biliy kolir will be assisted by the merry wives. Ale fashion bezkompromisno vitisnyak biliy s podiums and salons. A number of svit names were thrown away by the feverish woman Ivory, while all the parts of the children were vibrating champagne colors. 2018-nd – Rik nude vidtinkiv. Maximum closeness to the natural color of shkiri, nigtiv and lips of people of the European race

Vesіlny cloths of creamy vidtіnkіv, elephant tastes, nіzhno-rzhevі, caramel, pie, cappuccino – a nude palette of neumovіrno richness, for the joy we will call it. Foods of natural colors next to the collection of hair and hair.

nyudovaya vesіlna cloth with greyed out photo

Blakitnі vezіlnі cloths: neymovіrna heavenly nіzhnіst

Another one of a kind of wedding season in the whole season is to wear it as a name. Delivering a non-standard color for an important saint is unsuitable for everyone. The whole fate of the Ukrainian name in Blakitny will definitely be in the center of Uvaga! I will raise the heavenly cloth for you – tse zanadto, but if you want to experiment – just add some blakytny details to the image

weighty cloth with color accents photo

Vesіlnogo dress decor: biser, aplіkatsії, banty

Beads, pearls, brooches, embellishments, bows are the season for those who are especially generous in the plan for the decoration of the weight selection. Significantly, it is important to showcase the style, and do not bend over it: to vibrate in the quality of embellishment for the fabric of one thing – namistini, original unliving or an ample bow-quit.

decor embellish weighty cloth photo

Pick that color and style of cloth that will pass you. And, obviously, quest for the fun trends: joke about the trends in them and include the most creative and unremarkable solutions in your life!

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