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It practically does not depend on the bride and groom how the painting in the registry office and the wedding in the church will take place, but each couple can realize their wishes during the visiting ceremony. In this article, you will learn what is important not to forget when organizing a wedding ceremony, what are its advantages and what kind of decor you may need to decorate the place of an off-site marriage registration.

Why do you need an off-site wedding ceremony?

Registration of marriage at the registry office is important and solemn, but at this event everything is too formal and standard. Exit registration is the complete opposite of the usual painting: there is a place for beautiful musical accompaniment, confessions and vows, free expression of emotions and feelings. But the benefits don’t end there. Let’s consider a few more:

  • original script of the visiting ceremony is an opportunity to make an important moment as unique as possible. Your professional presenter or master of ceremonies writes an accompanying text specifically for your couple, introduces you, helps lovers and guests feel the moment with the help of touching phrases;

  • beautiful location for the ceremony weddings – you yourself choose the place for marriage, participate in the selection of the design of the wedding ceremony;

  • unlimited possibilities for wedding photography and video shooting – at the exit painting, the presenter and the newlyweds know when to pause so that professionals can capture beautiful moments;

  • guest comfort – guests of your holiday can count on being helped to sit comfortably – on chairs or standing, but so that everyone can see and hear everything;

  • freedom in terms of timing – you can plan an event at any time convenient for you and not depend on government services. Do you want it to be an evening ceremony, or a daytime one?

Organization of an exit ceremony

Want to remember an important point in great detail? Take care of the details by designing the style of the wedding ceremony and thinking through all its stages. If you decide to organize your wedding yourself, our list of tips will help you not to forget anything. If a coordinator or agency helps you – after reading our article, you can be sure that everything is done perfectly!

Arch for a wedding

During off-site registration, the bride and groom stand under an arch for ceremonies. In different cultures, the arch has different meanings – for example, it means the firmament, where marriages are concluded, the entrance to a new home and a new family life. It is important that the arch is made in the style of a wedding and does not merge with the environment. The beauty of future pictures and videos depends on it.

wedding arch photo

Chairs for visiting ceremony

Your guests, of course, can stand during the ceremony, but if you want to provide them with maximum comfort, consider seating. Chairs or armchairs for guests are a wonderful tool for shaping a location, as well as additional opportunities for implementing a decor concept. Chairs in the aisle can be decorated with flowers (the same floristry as for the entire wedding or flowers such as those used in the arch decor), flower garlands, ribbons, baskets and decorated jars. Along the chairs, you can put candles or lay out decorative compositions, while providing free passage for guests. An off-site ceremony with beautifully arranged chairs will look wonderful in photos and videos, especially if you plan to have a wedding aerial photography at your event.

decor chairs for wedding

Vows and speeches at the wedding ceremony

The vows and promises that lovers make to each other during the wedding require maximum concentration and the ability to express their feelings and thoughts. The presenter can write the text of the oath for the newlyweds, but it will be incomparably better if the bride and groom write texts of promises to each other on their own. To find ideas and inspiration, we recommend reading the ready-made wedding vows from Hot Wedding. Remember that a beautiful syllable is not the most important thing at this moment. Sincerity and frankness are important, the best moment for which at the wedding can not be found.

wedding vows

Special rituals during the wedding ceremony

You can just say “yes” to each other in the registry office. A visiting ceremony is the event where you need to be creative! Vows, of course, already make the moment special, but it’s even better if something original is included in the script of the ceremony. The most common and easy-to-implement action is the sand ceremony, during which the newlyweds pour sand into one vessel. A beautiful idea is to paint an abstract picture together, spontaneously and in turn pouring paints onto the canvas. A very symbolic idea is to plant a plant or tree at a visiting ceremony. Of course, not in the ground, but in a pot or tub – then to be planted near a common house. The process will look even more touching if the bride and groom add a handful of soil from their homes to the earth.

rituals at the wedding ceremony photo

Music for off-site marriage registration

Since the harpists and bandura players from the registry office won’t be with you, it’s time to think about beautiful music for the wedding ceremony. You will need at least 4 tracks – a song for the groom’s exit, a song for the appearance of the bride, a romantic accompaniment for the main part and the final track – completion and congratulations. You can find melodies for the last two steps in the article about songs for the wedding ceremony. Feel free to be guided by your tastes, choose music that will cheer you up and inspire you, help you cope with excitement and plunge into the whirlpool of feelings!

piano and harp for wedding photo

Lighting for the ceremony

One of the most important aspects of organizing a visiting ceremony is properly thought out lighting. If the solemn moment is planned for a time when it is getting dark or night has already come, the quality of photos and videos from the wedding ceremony will directly depend on the light. Original lighting of the holiday – for example, Hollywood bulbs or neon – will add romance and magic to the ceremony. Consult with your professionals where it is better to put spotlights, candles – conduct a test shooting, if possible, or ask the photographer and operator to evaluate the illumination of the location at least half an hour before the wedding.

lighting at the wedding ceremony

Exit registration of marriage is one of the key moments of the celebration. It is unacceptable that something went wrong during it! Step-by-step preparation will allow you to take into account all the nuances and preserve the brightest memories of the main day!

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