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Modern bridal fashion includes dozens of styles and hundreds of models of colored dresses, stylish alternatives to the classic ideas of the bride’s attire in the form of overalls and trouser suits. Each girl can boldly and freely create her own festive image for a social event, without limiting herself to the standards of white long clothes.

However, if, in addition to a banquet and an informal outdoor ceremony, you plan to get married in a church, you should follow some rules. We will tell you what a wedding dress should be, and let our recommendations help you look at the requirements for a wedding dress not as strict restrictions, but as new opportunities!

Wedding dress: traditions, features

The history of Ukrainian wedding dress is a rich history of change and improvement. For centuries, brides have married before God in national costumes. At the same time, all these outfits were very different even in the same period – depending on the region and its inherent symbols. Not all wedding dresses were in white: most of the costumes combined several colors at once – white, red, black, etc.

Ukrainian national wedding costumes photo(top left – Transcarpathia, bottom left – Western Volyn, in the middle – Eastern Polissya, top right – Bukovina, bottom right – Southern Ukraine)

Modesty is a feature of all church wedding dresses, characteristic of dresses from the past and has not lost its meaning today. The bride is required to cover her shoulders and neckline. A completely bare back is unacceptable. Legs, traditionally, should also be covered. Although there is a rule: if the ceremony does not take place on the wedding day, but a few years later – on the anniversary – there are already less strict claims to the outfit. For example, a dress or skirt below the knee length is acceptable, but not necessarily completely hiding the legs.

Second marriage and wedding dress: dress below the knee photo

The church does not limit girls in choosing the color of a wedding dress, if it is light shades – white, peach, pink. However, extravagant dark dresses – black or purple – are not suitable for a temple ceremony.

The bride should definitely cover her head, although it doesn’t matter what. It can be an ordinary scarf, a veil, a mantilla veil, an elegant hat that is part of the image.

Veil, hat, veil for wedding photo

Another important rule will be useful for brides who decide to buy a new outfit. By selling a wedding dress, girls break the tradition (after all, such an outfit has been kept in the house from time immemorial), but when buying, allegedly, they can borrow not only the image, but also a special energy, literally – the fate of the first owner. Therefore, when purchasing from strangers, be sure to clarify whether they are selling you an unmarried dress. But putting on the outfits of mothers and grandmothers happily living in marriage is quite acceptable, since family relationship, on the contrary, brings good luck and prosperity!

If you are just getting ready to go to the wedding salon, we suggest dwelling in more detail on the main components of the right outfit for an important sacrament.

Dress is not a wedding: creating the perfect wedding look

Not all brides can afford to buy two dresses for a wedding – one for a wedding, the other for a banquet or party. Of course, there are transforming dresses that allow you to shorten the length or unexpectedly show the world a deep slit on the skirt after a strict ceremony. But it is not true that sleeves and a not too deep neckline will make your image puritanical: female sexuality and attractiveness is revealed when the style is matched perfectly – taking into account the characteristics of the figure and height, and the color matches the skin and hair tone.

Let’s take a look at a few of the key ingredients for the perfect wedding dress.

Wedding dress photo (middle – Rosa Clara Wedding Dresses, right – Bianco Evento)

Wedding Dresses for Church with Sleeves

Sleeves are exactly the detail of a wedding dress that makes the image elegant, modest and stylish at the same time. Do not forget that a dress with sleeves is not always a very formal and closed outfit. In addition to the classic tight-fitting and long lace sleeves for such an image, there are other options. For example, a short tulip (which, in addition to the function of modesty, will also perfectly cope with the task of concealing the fullness of the shoulders), the fashionable flutter nowadays – airy, suitable for dresses made of chiffon, tulle, comfortable three-quarters, bell, kimono, “bat”, etc.

If the church, where the wedding will take place, is very strict about the vestments of the young, the dress and, accordingly, the sleeves should be made of denser, opaque fabrics. And lace here is not always a solution, because some of its types do not hide nudity at all, but, on the contrary, attract attention to the body.

Original bridesmaid dresses with sleeves photo

Dresses for a wedding in a church: styles with sleeves photo

Capes and capes

A variety of scarves, shawls, capes, boleros, fur coats and capes are an ideal solution for those brides who do not plan to choose dresses for a church wedding according to the strictness of standards. All you need to do is choose the right cape – one that will cover your arms, shoulders and chest – and you don’t have to be shy about your revealing outfit.

Warm capes are suitable for cold pores, and light, airy ones made of silk and cambric for warm ones. Of course, you can use an ordinary shawl to match the outfit, but it will still be correct if a cape or a stylish cape are sewn specifically for a festive look and make a single whole with it.

Wedding dresses for the church with a cape photo

Winter capes for a wedding dress: sweater, bolero photo

Wedding dress: is the style and length important?

We have already said that a young girl who simultaneously enters into an official marriage and gets married in a church is supposed to be in a long dress. However, regarding the model and style, the church does not set strict limits. Lush, straight, and wedding dress with a train will do. Although, many experts note that the train is not an Orthodox or Greek Catholic tradition, but a characteristic feature of a young outfit for Roman Catholic Europe.

Long wedding dresses photo(all photos – Rosa Clará)

Wedding dress color

As we noted earlier, dark, extreme shades of purple, green, blue are not suitable for traditional ordinance in the temple. Still, white is not just the color of the bride in Ukrainian and European culture – it carries the meaning of purity and chastity. It is considered permissible for a young person to wear an outfit of ivory, shade of champagne, beige, some colors of the pastel palette – for example, pale pink or peach – for the sacrament.

Powdery, blue wedding dress photo

However, women who were previously married and who decided to get married only in a second marriage or again (some confessions allow this) should not wear white clothes. This also applies to pregnant girls and those who already have children. It is better for them to prefer outfits of a pastel and nude palette – elegant, not defiant, calm.

May you manage to find a versatile wedding outfit that will suit all planned ceremonies, entertainments, be comfortable during a photo walk and the first dance!

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