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Completeness is not a reason to close in oneself, give up the happiness of a relationship and, of course, a wedding. Not all girls are naturally thin: for example, she endowed many with lush breasts and hips, but at the same time, the owners of such figures are endowed with surprisingly feminine waists, and do not feel unhealthy. Others should not judge the bride for a couple of extra pounds: if they do not interfere with her and her chosen one, is it worth interfering with recommendations to lose weight for the holiday?

We are “for” every girl to love herself, and we will help to look beautiful on the wedding day. In this article, we will talk about dress models, namely, wedding dresses for full. How to choose the right outfit? How to hide flaws and highlight advantages? Let’s tell and show!

Plump dresses: how to choose the right model

All figures, as well as dress models, are very different. Two girls may have full hips, but at the same time, completely different outfits will suit them – after all, in choosing a dress for full ones, it is important not only to look for a way to hide the features of the figure that you are unhappy with, but, much more important, to find the pluses and emphasize them.

Before you go to consider dresses for full, remember a few important rules:

  • body positive – first of all. The rationale behind this fashion trend is not to be blinded and strive to change for the better. Reasonable body positivity means that you will finally stop hating yourself and your body, and will find advantages in your figure, or, at least, accept yourself in this particular moment – as you are.

  • to put aside tastes is an order. Wedding dresses for overweight should not be chosen according to their childhood dreams, but a real view of things. Of course, you should like both the color and the style of the outfit, but do not rush to conclusions and do not limit yourself to one specific model. Seeing yourself in different outfits and making the right decision to look good is your goal.

  • fittings and fittings again – there can be no question of trying on one outfit and immediately buying it. For plus-size girls, like no one else, it is important to find the very perfect image. Therefore, be patient and don’t worry about what the employees of wedding salons think of you: the client is always right.

  • Professional Advice – Mom and BFF are not always the best advice. Let’s be honest: if you know your flaws but don’t know how to deal with them, you need professional advice. Stylist, style expert – a wedding is exactly the case when consultation is needed.

If the advice is clear to you, let’s move on to the second point, which will allow you to choose dresses for full ones correctly.

Body types: what you should know about yourself

It’s time for revelations, isn’t it? Fullness and thinness are not professional fashion terms. Size, of course, matters, but it is much more important for those who choose wedding dresses for fat or thin ones – to determine their body type.

Body types

In general terms, we will describe the main features of each type of figure. If your shapes are obvious to you, listen to the advice on choosing a plus-size wedding dress. If you are in doubt about which type to include your body, consult a professional stylist or an expert wedding salon.

Dresses for obese women: body type “Apple”

This type of figure was called “apple” for the roundness of the upper body – from the neck to the waist. And it’s true: girls with such shapes have a poorly defined waistline, but legs and hips, as a rule, are beautiful – long, slender, beautiful! Based on this, brides – “apples” should remember: dresses on the full in the style of “princess” – the style that you definitely do not suit. A fluffy skirt, often with a high waist, will shorten your height, make your body disproportionate and immense.

Dresses for obese women

At the same time, beautiful short wedding dresses are ideal for the “apple” bride, you can try neat options for an A-line dress and, definitely, you should try on the Greek or Empire style, when the fabric expanding from under the bust hides the features of the waist.

A variety of forms “Apple” – “Candy on a stick”. Its properties are very narrow hips and thin legs, while the shoulders, chest and waist are very rounded.

Beautiful dresses for plump pear figure

Remember, curvy beauties: rounded, noticeable hips are not punishment, but a manifestation of true femininity. But it is precisely the prominent hips that are the main feature of the “Pear” type of figure. The waist and shoulders of such girls are rather narrow, and the chest is not always too large. But, unambiguously, there is good news: the “pear” bride can try on any beautiful dresses for the full, because almost every style can fit (it all depends on the nuances). You should be more careful only with straight models: usually, a straight cut is advised to be worn by those beauties whose figure is as proportional as possible.

Beautiful dresses for full

A fluffy princess dress, which will accentuate dignity and hide excessive roundness of the hips, will suit “pear” with a thin waist. Also a great option – A-line, Greek and short outfit.

One of the variations of such a body is a “diamond” figure. Its peculiarity is in a more pronounced narrowness of the shoulders and expressiveness of the hips, but the dresses will fit the same as for the “pear”. Exclude is only “fish” or “mermaid”, as well as a straight cut.

Wedding dress for plump with an hourglass figure

If you still thought that you have no merits, but there are only extra pounds in your hips and a painfully large breast volume – it’s time to learn more about yourself! Hourglass body type, even if you are not a thin girl, is a real gift of fate. You cannot find more feminine shapes, more beautiful lines. Hourglass is a versatile body that will transform any wedding dress for the plump! Choose those models of wedding dresses that you like and be sure to measure. Believe me, you have no reason to be shy, because your shapes are correct: your shoulders and hips are approximately the same, and your waist is beautifully defined.

Wedding dress for full

Plus size wedding dresses: “Rectangle” type

A flat figure, without well-defined shoulders, thin waist and prominent hips, is characteristic of the “Rectangle” shape. Even with a slight overweight, it can be difficult for such girls to find the perfect outfit. It all depends on individual characteristics, so it is more important for a girl to try on different models than others.

Plus size wedding dresses

Plus size Greek, short and A-line wedding dresses are more likely to work than form-fitting options. Remember that the right clothes adjust our appearance, and the wrong clothes highlight what we want to hide.

Dresses for obese women with a “Triangle” figure

The “Triangle” shape is not only for thin girls. Wide, plump shoulders are often a problem for oversized brides. At the same time, their waist, hips and legs are quite proportional. The massiveness of the upper body is especially noticeable in revealing dresses with a neckline, bare shoulders. Such girls should be more careful about models with an open top, straight cut, mermaid style.

Dresses for obese women

At the same time, fluffy skirts, short options, and Empire style clothes are quite suitable. The width and fullness of the shoulders can be hidden with the correct neckline and sleeves – both short, decorative, and full-length long.

Let your choice be right: the perfect image will make you look at yourself in a new way and get married happy and charming!

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