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There are many little things on the market for wedding accessories – from coasters and pillows for rings to festive details for setting a banquet table. Some of them can be completely abandoned, but there are accessories, the role of which is most important – for following traditions and purely functional. First of all, we are talking about wedding glasses. We have already talked about special whipping glasses, and now let’s talk about wedding glasses for the bride and groom! Of these, the newly created family drinks during a banquet, and then keeps them throughout their life together to use in celebrating anniversaries!

What glasses for a wedding to choose?

Glasses for the bride and groom are a memorable item that should not be saved on. Choose a good glass and crystal glassware manufacturer. The best producers of champagne glasses are Czech Bohemia crystal and Austrian glassware Riedel. Glasses for champagne of the middle class, quite worthy in appearance and quality, are offered by manufacturers of glassware Arcoroc, Pyrex, Luminarc.

The crockery you choose can be pretentious, gilded, or even entirely gold, but we recommend choosing minimalist wedding glasses. Simple but high quality transparent glass is an excellent basis for decoration in the style and theme of the holiday.

If you are planning a wedding in a specific color, choose colored glasses instead of clear glass. It can be either plain glass or colored crystal glasses. Crystal products, due to their special shape and pattern, do not need additional decoration.

glasses of newlyweds mr and miss

On request, in honor of the wedding, the newlyweds can order glasses with an inscription – for example, “Mr” and “Mrs”. It will be no less pleasant to store such dishes.

Pair glasses for the wedding are popular with the spouses, which, when they stand side by side, form a single whole – for example, a heart. The legs of the paired wine glasses are specially curved.

Decoration of wedding glasses

Wedding glasses are more than just everyday utensils. This is an important symbol, part of the tradition, according to which a husband and wife keep a wedding accessory throughout their married life and every year – on their anniversary – they take them out to drink again, like for the first time, to love and to their family.

Naturally, lovers want such a memorable thing to look beautiful and stylish. Let’s talk about popular and really successful types of jewelry. It is important that you can make such a decor with your own hands.

Glasses for the wedding with ribbons and lace

A beautiful and sophisticated way to decorate wine glasses is to use satin ribbons. You can attach ribbon decor to the item using glue. In order not to spoil the product and materials, it is better to experiment with other glass items. The fact is that glue can show through stains on ribbons and laces, and it will look ugly.

glasses for newlyweds with ribbons

Glasses for newlyweds with rhinestones and beads

In the same way – using a glue gun – you can decorate wine glasses with rhinestones and pearl beads. You should not combine many colors and glue the product completely. The decor of rhinestones on the leg, the laid out drawing, the names of the spouses look beautiful.

glasses for bride and groom with beads

Wedding glasses using decoupage technique, painted glasses

Dishes made using decoupage technique or decorated with painting are very beautiful. Wine glasses decorated with cut out and glued patterns from napkins, postcards and other materials will have special value and charm. Such dishes will decorate a wedding in vintage style and similar ones, although decoupage and painting will look luxurious in any other decorations!

wedding glasses in decoupage and watercolor style

Wine glasses for a wedding with flowers

Flowers are often used in the design of this wedding accessory – both artificial and natural. If you decide to give preference to artificial materials, choose products that look as natural as possible. Although for a wedding, fresh flowers and plants are better suited as a decor. Choose the most persistent and enjoy the result! And after the wedding and without flowers, your wedding glasses will not lose their symbolism and memorable value.

wedding glasses with flowers photo

It is impossible to achieve complete perfection in preparation for the wedding. But striving for it – with the help of a selection of beautiful wedding accessories – is definitely worth it! Inspiration to you!

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