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The right light can control the mood and set the right tone for the holiday. A well-chosen type of room lighting will help to create a romantic and unforgettable holiday atmosphere. The types of lighting can be very diverse, we will focus on those that are most often used when decorating weddings

  • Candles. What could be more romantic than a hall full of living light. Candlelight can be an additional or main lighting for a holiday. Recently, weddings in the medieval and fairytale style have become very popular; for such celebrations, candles are simply a necessary element of the atmosphere. You can put candles on banquet tables in small candlesticks, or use grandiose candelabra. Candles are also used at the first wedding dance, instead of auxiliary technical special effects, or when taking out the cake.

  • Garlands of light bulbs… The combination of multi-colored light bulbs complements the conviviality of the event. Garlands of a wide variety of shapes: flowers, stars, angels, hearts, etc., will fit into the wedding decor. For a rustic wedding, you can make garlands yourself from paper or vine and add light bulbs to them.

  • Lamps. There are a variety of lighting fixtures in various colors and shapes that can fit perfectly into your decor. You can also order unique candlesticks from the decorator that will emphasize the overall tone of the wedding, such lighting will attract attention and make your holiday the best.

  • Projectors. Multi-colored projectors complement the celebration. With the help of them, you can make certain inscriptions on the floor or on the walls. Also, the projector is used to broadcast a romantic and touching video of the newlyweds, a photo of a couple in love and the highlights of their life.

  • Background. Garlands or LEDs allow you to create a background that consists of “fireflies”. They look beautiful both in the decor of the hall and in the photo zone. They are often used to decorate the wall behind the young.

  • LED letters… From such letters, various words are made, as a rule, the names of the spouses, which glow all evening. In order for such a decoration to look expensive and appropriate, you should use the decorator’s advice.

With the help of light, you can highlight the dance hall, tables for young people, paths, gazebos, trees, bushes and more. You can decorate trees and bushes with a scattering of garlands or a net of light bulbs. Trees are decorated in two types: branches or trunk.

Light is an integral element of decor. Professionals can create competent and beautiful lighting for your holiday, from the section registration of weddings. They will help to create a harmonious combination of decorations and light elements, turning your banquet hall into a fairy tale.

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