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The main gift for wedding guests is your attention. The best ways to show it are to hand over invitations to the celebration in person, take time to talk at the celebration itself, and come up with an interesting entertainment program. But there is another pleasant wedding tradition – to give the guests small gifts as a token of gratitude.

Bonbonnieres: history and traditions

Bonbonniere is a classic gift for wedding guests. The funny name comes from the French “bon-bon” – “candy” and “bonbonniere” – a box for sweets. Initially, the bonbonniere was used to store pastries in the home. Sugar was not available to everyone, so boxes for storing sweets were in the homes of exceptionally wealthy people. They were often made of gold and silver and inlaid with stones.

Only rich people could give each other bonbonnieres in 17-18 centuries in France. The Italians borrowed the tradition and brought it to the masses: it is customary to give small sweet gifts to guests on many occasions there – weddings, anniversaries, childbirth, christenings, etc.

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A traditional wedding bonbonniere is a box or bag containing candies – glazed almonds. The glaze can be classic – chocolate, or it can be painted in any color to match your wedding. According to custom, exactly 5 candies are put into the bonbonniere: an odd amount symbolizes good luck, and each candy is a separate wish. Health, happiness, wealth, fertility and longevity are all important for each of us!

Wedding gifts for guests: a modern approach

The tradition of giving gifts to guests has successfully taken root in many countries, although it has been greatly transformed. For most Italians, almond bonbonnieres are just a symbol. But modern weddings around the world from year to year try to give guests something more than a handful of sweets.

Guests should choose presentations based on your budget, talent, and number of guests. Sweet gifts for wedding guests are still relevant: chocolate, marmalade, cakes, etc. Beautiful design and presentation is the main rule of success. It’s great if you love and know how to cook: surprise your guests with homemade marshmallows or healthy candies made from a mixture of nuts and dried fruits, prepared with your own hands.

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Couples are not limited to edible gifts. A great idea is to present a souvenir in the theme and color of your celebration. The most resourceful and caring lovers try to come up with practical and useful gifts for wedding guests. It can be house plants, textiles, photo frames – whatever. Plates, stickers with the names or initials of the newlyweds, engraving or embroidery of the wedding date can add memorabilia to such presentations.

Where to buy bonbonnieres and how to make yourself?

Have you decided on gifts for friends and family, but do not know where to get packaging for them? You can buy bonbonnieres in specialized online stores where various wedding accessories are sold. You can also use the services of a wedding decorator or decorator who will prepare the necessary packaging in the style of your holiday.

It will take time to make your own bonbonnieres. But it is hand made gift boxes that will add soulfulness to the tradition. Any surprise made by the couple personally will be welcomed by the guests.

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For sweets and small souvenirs – magnets with your photo, personalized key chains, etc. – cardboard packaging will do. Buy cardboard or thick paper of the desired color and pattern at office supply stores or specialty stores that sell everything for needlework and creativity. If you don’t have time to create an original layout for your future packaging, look for inspiration on the web – many share templates for free.

Another option for packaging sweets, as well as seeds or spices, is fabric or leather bags. It will be even easier to make them than boxes. After cutting into squares of tulle or other fabric, place in the middle of the candy and lift the edges of the fabric to tie them with a ribbon. If you know how to sew, give the fabric more intricate shapes. You can decorate the bags with beads, bows, flowers.

Ready-made containers can also be used as packaging for gifts – jars, decorative and miniature buckets, pots, vases.

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A gift from newlyweds to guests is a simple and beautiful way to express your gratitude for your visit and attention. The price of such a presentation is not important if it is made with a soul and presented from the heart!

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