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Winter weddings are not as popular as summer or fall weddings, but they are still shrouded in an incredible atmosphere! Snowy landscapes and a festive mood inspire couples to organize the most important holiday of love during the cold season.

What winter holiday can do without gifts? Let your wedding be no exception, and the guests of the winter celebration will certainly receive beautiful, thoughtful and cozy gifts from you! We have prepared a list of ideas and really hope you find it useful!

Winter sets: scarf, hat, mittens

The best way to take care of the guests of the winter holiday is to warm them with beautiful, high-quality and warm products. If your wedding is going to be small, it is a great idea to tie your own gifts. Follow the theme or color scheme of the wedding when choosing gifts for guests. And be sure to take care of the original packaging (with your initials, wedding date, etc.)

winter accessories gift photo

Board games

A wonderful gift – board games – will help to brighten up the guests’ leisure in the cold season. Card, strategy, puzzles – the games industry has been developing very actively lately, so you will definitely have something to choose from! And also such a gift is a great idea for guests who will come to your wedding with the whole family.

board game wedding

Set of Christmas decorations

If your wedding is in December, it’s hard to think of a better gift than Christmas decorations! You can make them to order by choosing inscriptions and drawings that correspond to the occasion, or you can make them yourself – from felt or wood. Such a gift will definitely not gather dust without application and will remind guests of you on the holidays!

Christmas tree toy from the wedding


Receiving sweets under a pillow or under a Christmas tree is the most pleasant winter tradition. Be good wizards at your winter wedding and delight your guests with delicious gifts – boxes of chocolates or jars of cookies. Also perfect for a gentle and light marshmallow, which guests can add to a cold evening in a cup of hot coffee or just eat right at your party!

sweet gifts for the wedding


It’s a great idea to give something for decoration. The best gift option for wedding guests is original candles. They can symbolize your wedding with color, shape or packaging. The gift is practical, so your friends and relatives will definitely like it!

candles wedding gifts


Another option for a useful and original gift for wedding guests is jars or bottles with spices or sauces. During the winter holidays, your present will definitely come in handy: for example, for preparing a Christmas dinner, baking pies and muffins. It’s also a good idea to choose spices that can be added to drinks – for example, coffee or homemade mulled wine.

spice wedding gift


Handmade soap is a win-win gift for wedding guests. First, you can rest assured that it will be used. Secondly, it is an excellent field for revealing the theme of your holiday. Soap can be cooked or purchased in a color appropriate for the holiday, you can choose an original form, develop or order themed packaging. It is a good idea to make a soap with a “filling”: for example, so that it is transparent, and in the middle – dried flowers or plants, etc.

handmade soap for wedding photo


Miniature bottles of alcohol, decorated in the style of your wedding – why not a super gift? You can offer guests homemade wine, original liqueurs, as well as rum, which is very useful for housewives for New Year’s baking.

alcohol for the wedding

Flowers or plants in pots

Present to the guests ornamental plants that winter without problems – cacti, thuja, palms and even citrus fruits! Let your present be the starting point for creating a home winter garden! In any case, a potted flower is a good option.

Sukkudents as a gift

Ingredient set

We have already talked about this original gift once in an article about sweet bonbonnieres and we cannot help but remember now. Jars with ingredients for making a cake, sauce, homemade sweets – it’s very interesting and creative! Try it and you will surprise your guests!

sweet sets for wedding photos

A winter wedding is very romantic and unusual. None of the guests will freeze on your holiday: small gifts will become a symbol of warmth and your attention!

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